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February 3, 2013

A gloomy Friday

On Friday, Wai Lam and I went to The Rocks after her summer school exam in search of cake.

We walked past a chocolate shop we'd never seen before which sold chocolate made into in different forms - like sculptures, almost. There were animals, shoes, cars...

I couldn't resist buying a chocolate spoon.

We always walk past La Renaissance, but never seemed to be there during opening hours.

We bought two slices of cake to share - a Valrhona chocolate and a raspberry/passionfruit mousse.

This one was so nice.

I had a go at eating the chocolate cake with my chocolate spoon. Chocolate cake is my go-to, but in this case I liked the fruity one better.

All the sweet stuff left me craving something savoury so I bought a hotdog from one of the stalls at the Foodie Markets, which were just outside.

Then we popped into the MCA to see what was new. There's a free exhibition called Taboo on right now, which explores "controversial" topics. Some of the works were pretty confronting.

Solid balloons (no this wasn't part of Taboo).

In the meanwhile, the weather had turned on us.

People sitting in the foyer, waiting for the rain to ease. We did the same for a while, before braving it only to wait half an hour for a bus to Pitt St mall. When it rains, Sydney basically stops functioning. I've been enjoying the break from the heat we're having, though!


  1. Oh wow, looks like such a great day! I am ridiculously jealous of those beautiful desserts. xo

  2. I want a chocolate spoon and a chocolate fish, please!!

  3. I don't know why, but the sight of all those people waiting for the rain to stop together is so comforting and nice! It sounds like such a fun memory to have!

  4. the solid balloons are really cool. from where they were?

    1. Tey're part of one of the pieces on display at the MCA right now - I don't remember the artist's name, sorry!

  5. The cakes looks SO yummy! I'm really hungry now. :P

  6. Everything looked so lovely!

  7. Both of the cakes look just heavenly ! :) Nice photos. Wow, your weather sounds so different from ours at the moment.. Still snow and cold !

    Indie by heart

  8. My god that is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen?? I want to visit Sydney so badly...ahhh, maybe another time hhahhaa. I'm going up to NYC in a week, so I think I will have to be content with that. Freezing cold weather here though T^T

  9. The fish are really cool! :D
    I saw a penguin cake the other day, it was adorable!

  10. Those chocolates look like they're ceramic pieces!
    And that mousse looks delicious.

  11. The first photo's chocolate animals are incredible!! I haven't had a hot dog in aaagess and now I really want one.. or two actually. Haha. Love that the people just sit on the stairs while it's raining!

  12. Ahh that hot dog looks incredible! I think... I'm about to start a list of places to visit when I ever manage to visit Sydney. Purely based on your blog. (:

  13. Love this blog, beautiful picturesxx

  14. Looks amazing! I can hardly believe that is chocolate.

    Haha, so weird when that happens. Chocolate is my go-to anything really, but lately I discovered I like lemon muffins better than chocolate muffins. Guess the "safe option" doesn't always work out;)

  15. Mmm, all those treats look exceptionally delicious. How cool, a chocolate spoon! And haha, I think it's cute/funny that everyone was sitting on the steps waiting for the rain to pass. Rain is certainly a welcome break from hot weather...I love summer thunderstorms almost purely for that reason.

  16. Not so gloomy Friday, I thought that sounded like fun :)
    The cakes look so delicious! Have a great rest of the week Jane. xx

  17. I thought they were just random ceramic stuff until I saw "Yes! I'm chocolate" o_________o

    The food look amazing, and chocolate spoon! Oh my.

  18. The food looks so good *-* I need a food buddy like you have haha. I remember that Friday so clearly because I had to walk halfway home in the pouring rain!! I love the MCA exhibitions and I hope I'd be able to check them out :)

  19. look at all the yummy food! I want to move to Sydney! the chocolates in the first photo look incredible! I giggled when I saw that you had used the chocolate spoon to eat your chocolate cake. what a fun day out <3


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