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March 27, 2013

Wear the pants

Just a quick post to say hi, look at my new trousers, bye. They're from Glassons, which is the only store in Sydney that can somehow suck me into buying things at full price. These pants are meant to be capris but since I'm short they're the perfect full-length on me. I know these pictures are massive, I have a tripod now so I can actually take portrait photos... hopefully my face doesn't horrify you too much.

T-shirt from Ralph Lauren and shoes from Bass, both of which you've probably already seen before.

It's technically not cool enough here yet to wear pants. We're having a bit of an autumn heatwave at the moment. I'm over this, I want to break out the winter clothes and wear this outfit with a trench coat.

Alos, I'm sure you've heard but Google Reader is shutting down soon (as far as I understand, GFC/Blogger reading list is different?). But just a reminder that you can follow via Bloglovin' as well.

March 12, 2013

Snapped and sorted

I spent the last week of my summer tidying all the picture folders on my computer. I ended up deleting 10+ gigs of photos (which was really hard because I'm so sentimental) and putting the rest into folders ordered by date. Then I backed it all up on two separate devices, because I would die if I lost all my photos.

I also printed off more than 200 photos from the last 7 years so I have physical, tangible copies. I'd been thinking of making one of those photobooks, but they're expensive, so I just did it the traditional way (it's only 7c a print at Officeworks!). I'd been meaning to do this for the last two years, so it felt good to finally have it sorted!

Yes I am alive! I'm still getting into the swing of the new semester so I haven't been doing much that's not uni-related, hence the old-ish news. Right now, the worst noise in the world is the sound of my alarm in the morning. I'm definitely not one of those "I'm glad to be back" people - the most crushing kind of holiday boredom is preferable to pre-assessment stress, in my opinion.

March 3, 2013

Goodbye summer

I'm going back to uni tomorrow and thinking about it makes me so mad, so let's take a look at what I did yesterday evening as my last hurrah for the summer. We decided to avoid the crowds and rain (the weather has suddenly turned horrible) and give the Mardi Gras parade a pass. I've never been to see it, it always seems to be raining on Mardi Gras night!

Instead, we went to Stitch, which is a little bar near Wynyard. It has a bit of a sewing theme and serves hot dogs, burgers and curly fries.

Mel and YY.

I got a "Bulldog" with jalapenos and salsa.

Wai Lam.

I am always shocked and horrified at how much cocktails cost at nicer places (especially because they all more or less taste the same to me).

Jenny, me, and an ice-cream sandwich.

It was still early when we finished so we hopped on a train down to Town Hall, looking for a second dessert. We found it at Princess Coco, this new chocolate cafe on Bathurst/Day st. It's got really fancy decor with purple and gold loveseats.

Mel's petit fours.

We didn't want to go home just yet, so we went to another bar where we came up with our new favourite drink: lemon lime and bitters with rum (thanks Wai Lam for the idea). Not going to name and shame, but a certain someone probably shouldn't have had that last one. Let's just say it made for a very interesting train ride home.

Well, at least I had one last good night before heading back to uni! See you in December. Just kidding, ha ha, I'll be around. I'm not actually sure how busy I'll be this year, fingers crossed it won't be too bad.