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April 26, 2013

Bay Vista

Last Saturday Janet (update your blog, woman) and I went on one of our food adventures, to make up for the fact that I had to pass on her birthday drinks (I wasn't confident about navigating a crowded bar on crutches). It's becoming our tradition to drive to somewhere in our general area, rather than meet in the city. We first hit up Harry's Cafe de Wheels for my favourite pies, and then we went down to Bay Vista, a dessert restaurant in Brighton-Le-Sands which Janet had heard good things about.

We shared one of the ice-cream bowls. I'm not sure if the scale is conveyed in the picture, but the bowl (I keep typing "bowel") was almost as big as my head. This had chocolate ice cream, caramel ice cream, honeycomb and nuts.

Right in front of the beach. Since this place is relatively local, I can see myself making my way down there a lot more... I have my eye on the rocky road ice cream bowl, and maybe waffles or pancakes when winter hits.

I know I've been a bit half hearted on the blogging front lately. I've been pretty preoccupied with my knee, which is healing rather slowly. I know I keep banging on about the knee but it's seriously constantly at the forefront of my mind! The other day I threw myself a pity party and spent about an hour googling things like "what's wrong with my knee" while crying. I'm seeing the orthopaedic specialist next week, crossing my fingers that I've been worrying about nothing!

April 20, 2013

Late birthday

On Thursday night I hobbled out to dinner to celebrate my birthday (again, with different people, because I'm so popular). My actual birthday was on Sunday but my knee still felt a bit wobbly to I decided to give it a bit of extra rest and just stayed home all day (my parents got me a really good chocolate mousse cake though so it was okay). So I'm 20 (note: twenteen) now... it still sounds like a really big number.

We went to Flying Fajita Sistas, a Mexican restaurant in Glebe.

It's got cool decor.

Waka and Deb.

Vidya and I.

As we soon discovered, the sangria is really strong...

I got the nachos (of course) with pulled pork. Let me give you a tip, if you decide to go there: GET PULLED PORK EVERYTHING.

We also shared tacos with pulled pork. I'm still thinking about the pulled pork.

Afterwards we headed down the street for dessert at San Churro. We got this fondue dipping platter.

I also tried the chilli hot chocolate. I didn't really like the taste of the spices, it was odd! The drink was super thick, and I bit too much for me after all I'd eaten that evening. I think a mug of plain or mint chocolate would be nice if you dropped in on a cold day (with an emptier stomach).

Thanks for all the sympathy in the last post. I can more or less put my weight on my knee while walking now, and I'm just using one crutch. I still feel a bit of pain on movement, which I'm a bit worried about since it's been more than a week. I can feel it improving every day though, so hopefully it resolves soonish.

April 11, 2013

My life is a joke

So on Tuesday night... this happened. I was happily on a run (yes you read that right, I'll explain later) when I accidentally stepped down on the place where the concrete footpath and the grass meet. My foot slipped and I felt my left knee go crunch. My train of thought for the next minute or so went something along the lines of "**** **** **** **** ********** not again", because this is the fourth time I've wrecked this knee, which has been weak ever since I first dislocated it when I was 12. According to the doctor in ED it's just a bit of a meniscal (cartilage) tear this time, so I'll (hopefully) only have to wear the splint and crutches for a week.

So about the running - back in February, I downloaded this app called C25k (Couch to 5km) because I figured I should try running, since it was one of those things I never really got the hang of. It's a training program where you run three times a week (at varied walk/run intervals) for 8 weeks, at the end of which you're supposed to be able to run 5km or 30 minutes. I found it really good because I'm one of those goalsetting/check-things-off-a-list people. This week was the last week and Tuesday I was on my second last bloody run. A few days before, I'd already been able to jog for 28 minutes straight (which I have never, ever, in my whole life been able to do before). So to make this thing a billion times more frustrating, I just missed out on finishing the program, and I'll probably have to train for a couple more weeks before I can get back to where I was.

I'm not even surprised really, because it's exactly the kind of ridiculous thing that would happen in my life.

April 8, 2013

Retail therapy

Life during uni gets a bit dull and dreary sometimes, so to counter that, I like to, well, buy things. Sounds terrible, but I stick to inexpensive items so I don't go broke. Online shopping is the best, because you can do it at night after a long evening of studying and you also get kicks out of looking forward to parcels in the mail.

  • Two notebooks from Typo, for uni.
  • White t-shirt from ASOS, because I'm stupid. I am basically never happy with ASOS branded things that aren't accessories, but I get sucked in every time they drop a discount code into my inbox.
  • A new outfit for my phone for $3 from ebay. I like seeing the back of my phone but I hate the sides of clear cases, and it turns out they do make bumpers with a clear back.
  • Dark Angels from Lush, for my skin which has started playing up again.
  • Lord of the Flies, which was seriously depressing. I felt uncomfortable the whole time I was reading it, which is a testament to the writing of course, but I didn't really enjoy that.
  • Socks from ASOS, for the incoming winter. They're from the men's section and are a tad too big, but it turns out they shrink in the wash.
I typed this up while watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones. This show is going to make Mondays bearable for the next two months!

April 6, 2013

Early birthday

My birthday is next week, but I had a bit of an early celebration last night along with Tina, whose birthday was last week.

We started off with dinner at Jazz City Milkbar, which is an offshoot of Jazz City Diner (where, you might remember, I had fried chicken on waffles in the summer). The Diner is closed for renovations right now so they're running a combined menu at the Milkbar, which is a plus.

I went for the southern fried chicken burger with onion rings.

Our table shared three bowels of chilli cheese fries, which is possibly my favourite dish at Jazz City. The milkshakes are really nice and super thick (I didn't order one but I had a bit of everyone else's).

We strolled back into the city for some karaoke. Gotta love the decor.

Up on a couch is my preferred stage for performing "My Heart Will Go On".

Taking my bow.

Afterwards, we were of a mind to get gelato from N2, but after seeing the line we settled for drinks instead in one of those hotel bars that lack atmosphere, which isn't much of a problem if you're in good company.

April 4, 2013

On brunch

Like I've said before, brunch is hard for me. By the time I've rolled out of bed, dressed, and put my face on, I'm starving, so it's not really enjoyable to travel for half an hour before I get to eat. I feel like it would only work if you're brunching within 5 minutes of home. If I eat beforehand, would it still be brunch? Or just an early lunch? Obviously, these thoughts keep me up at night.

Before we went for some gift shopping today, Wai Lam and I got our energy up by ducking down to Pancakes on the Rocks at Darling Harbour. I was super excited for the gigantic hashbrown, but it turned out to be really greasy. It did keep me full for the rest of the day, so job done.

April 2, 2013

Three from yesterday

Tried and failed to make my souvenir t-shirt look classy with my Bass loafers and Daniel Wellington watch.

Dinner at Pie Tin, with their whipped lime pie for dessert. I think I'll skip the savoury and go straight in for the sweet next time.

Mint hot chocolate at Max Brenner in one of their ridiculous hug cups (it's not like you can't hug a regular cup!).

April 1, 2013

Easter Show

Today (technically yesterday since it's past midnight) I went to the Royal Easter Show. It's a big carnival/country fair sort of event that's held every year at the Olympic park. I loved it when I was younger, and I was keen to go this year because I hadn't been in a while.

I'm not really into rides. Partly because the lines are always so long and partly because I'd be that person puking off the side of the rollercoaster.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, look at those tiny fluffy baby chickens.

Bought some rocky road in the Fresh Food dome, where we also hit up our old favourite, the chilli stall. They're there every year and you can sample ones with varying grades of spiciness. I went straight in for the 10/10 and spent the next few minutes holding back tears.

My favourite carnival food ever - cheese on a stick. I don't know where else I'd be able to get this, and that's probably a good thing.

A bit of fairy floss too. I know it's just sugar but it's so damn fun to eat.

Sadly, I think I've grown out of the Easter show. I didn't even buy a showbag this year! I spent most of the day wondering what I'd found so fascinating about the show as a child. I feel really bad about having my parents take me so many times now.

It's my midsem break so I'm off for a week. I'm a bit annoyed by the timing really, I was just getting back into the swing of uni! (Obviously, I will complain about anything.) I'm going to let myself relax a bit, since I won't be getting another break for three months after this.