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May 26, 2013

Winter is coming

I feel like the cold came on really suddenly this year. One minute it's cardigan weather and the next it's too cold for a trench coat. I've started to set my heater so it turns on half an hour before I wake up, and the other day I actually started a conversation with "it's cold, isn't it?". I've cracked open this cute tin of Chapsticks Mel gave me, and I keep licking the apple one off my lips in hopes that it tastes as nice as it smells (it doesn't).

Yes, this has actually been a post about the weather. My life has been exceedingly boring; even though I'm off crutches now (yay) I'm still not really confident about walking around a lot so my minimal social life has basically been reduced to nonexistent.

May 12, 2013


Just showing off my beautiful new runners, a birthday present from YY, Wai Lam, Jenny and Tina. Before I injured my knee, I'd been planning to reward myself with a new pair of sneakers once I finished C25K. I had my eye on these Nike Free 5.0 v4s because blue and red is my favourite colour combination, so my friends stepped in and bought them for me. Thanks guys ♥

Hearts in my eyes, I love them so much. I have always been adamant about only wearing sneakers when running/exercising, but I'm tempted to break all sorts of promises to myself and incorporate them into my everyday outfits. They're super comfortable, it feels like my feet are being enveloped in a loving embrace... I've actually been wearing them as glorified house slippers, seeing as I'm not going to be freeing my run anytime soon. But they'll definitely give me the motivation to get back on track once I've fully recovered.

May 5, 2013

Niagara Falls

These pictures are from my USA trip in December last year, when we drove up to Niagara Falls over Christmas. After I did the three posts on New York, I decided to save the remaining photos for later... and proceeded to forget about them. But talking to YY about her plans for her America trip reminded me of their existence, and since I haven't been doing anything lately worth posting about, I figured better late than never.


We'd driven all day from Ohio and reached Niagara Falls at sundown. I felt that the backdrop of the city skyline was kind of weird.

I was more mesmerised by the mist than the actual waterfalls. It was beautiful but I'm told they're even more impressive when viewed from the lower platforms (which were closed due to the snow).

We stayed overnight in town and the next morning had a look from another angle.


I decided I couldn't stand the look of untouched snow on the tabletops and got creative.

Behold, my tiny snowlady. Obviously my snowperson making skills aren't that flash, but I grew up in Sydney...

I've been pretty busy with uni work lately, and I'm still using one crutch so I'm not really keen on leaving the house when I don't have to. About the knee, I saw the specialist on Wednesday and he said that I'd probably subluxed/dislocated it but I won't need any scans or surgery, just physiotherapy. I was super relieved, I slept so much better that night! Hopefully I'll be back on both legs soon.