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June 30, 2013

Remember me?

I hadn't planned on dropping off the blog for that long but the last few weeks of the semester were soul-crushing. I wasn't that busy, but I felt really sluggish and unmotivated and ineffective. I have three weeks off now, so I'm going to recharge this weekend before getting some retail therapy in (the sales are calling my name). I haven't really done much in the last two months, so here are some random photos off my phone.

Back in May, Wai Lam and I sat in Tom'n'toms (because they have free wifi) for about five hours wrestling out the details of the Eurotrip we're taking in December (!!!). Something to keep me going for the rest of the year.

I was really excited to find caramel Lindor but it's not that nice. / Two rainbow lorikeets sheltering from the weather.


Pitt St mall, on a sneaky window-shopping session after uni ended early.

It's trash collection time, and this pile of mattresses reminded me of The Princess and the Pea. I have this fascination with seeing what people throw out (not to the point of taking stuff home though), probably because I can't bear to throw things out myself. / Little rainbows in my room during golden hour, from my sun-catcher.

As I'm sure you know, Google Reader is shutting down in a day and no one seems to be sure about what's happening with Google Friend Connect. To be safe, you can follow this blog on Bloglovin' here. You can also go to your Bloglovin' settings and import all the blogs you follow with Google in one fell swoop.

June 8, 2013

Vivid iii

On Thursday night, I went to check out Vivid Sydney, which is an annual festival with light installations around the Rocks and Circular Quay. Posting about it is becoming a tradition in the making, because I've done so for the last two years I've had this blog. Both those times I used my prime lens, which lets the light in so much better, but it doesn't autofocus on my camera; so this year, I cranked up the ISO and slowed the shutter with the kit lens (but got motion blur instead, you can't win).

The MCA on the left, the bridge on the right. I think the bridge is lit up on the other side, but we didn't go over there.

This year I took a lot more pictures of people interacting with the installations, because that's what makes Vivid, I think. Also because I would've been around all night if I'd tried to wait for people to get out of the way.

I really liked this one, simple and cheerful. I don't know why the left side of the building looks so sci-fi after editing!

Deb looking thoughtfully at photographs.

Me doing the same.

My favourite one. We almost missed it cause it looks so nondescript, but it's an interactive installation where you walk over the ground and light trails appear after you. The faster you walk, the more solid the lines are, and when your lines cross there's a sunburst.

One where you drummed to make the light appear.

Maybe I should have relieved Deb of her laptop and drink can...

We were too awkward to ask someone to take our picture together, haha.

The MCA was great this year, I liked how they coordinated music with it. It was actually mesmerising. In contrast, I wasn't really into the Opera House or Customs House ones... I just didn't really like the visuals.

I'm so glad it's a public holiday on Monday. I really need it, even if it's just a day... I am basically dragging myself to the end of the semester, haha.

June 2, 2013

Three outfits

I may have spoken too soon in the last post, because the past few days (save for the weird weather we had this weekend) have been oddly warm, and more than once I found myself taking my jacket off while walking around outside.

This jacket is an old friend. I bought it 50% off on sale from Sportsgirl in 2008 (leather jackets were really in that winter), and remains the most expensive piece of clothing on my wardrobe. I wore it nonstop for about 3 years but last year I decided I didn't like it anymore and set about looking for another. Luckily I never found the perfect one because my love for it has somehow been rekindled and I'm congratulating my 15 year old self for picking one with the perfect length. So... that is the unnecessary and boring story of my leather jacket.

You have met my Wednesday dress before. It shrank in the wash and now I can only wear it with tights. Don't buy anything 100% rayon guys, it'll just break your heart. Although the fabric seems a bit stretchy, maybe I can put it on some sort of makeshift rack? Oh, this page has some tips, but it's accusing me of having machine washed it when I did handwash in cold water, gosh.

I'm totally turning into a jumper person, and this is my new favourite. It was my dad's but he asked me if I wanted it because it "looks like something I'd like" and I said yes please, thank you. For the longest time I thought it was navy and I kept planning outfits in my head around it being navy but when it got cold and I pulled it out again I realised it was black. Sorcery. A different black to my jeans apparently, which is really annoying me in these photos.

Jeez, I just rambled on like an old lady who's been living alone. Which I almost am, since I haven't socially interacted with anyone outside of the uni (and hospital) setting in about 2 months. Wow, I should line up something fun. In the meanwhile you'll probably be seeing me pull out the old 50mm lens again to make my boring pictures seem marginally more interesting.