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June 30, 2013

Remember me?

I hadn't planned on dropping off the blog for that long but the last few weeks of the semester were soul-crushing. I wasn't that busy, but I felt really sluggish and unmotivated and ineffective. I have three weeks off now, so I'm going to recharge this weekend before getting some retail therapy in (the sales are calling my name). I haven't really done much in the last two months, so here are some random photos off my phone.

Back in May, Wai Lam and I sat in Tom'n'toms (because they have free wifi) for about five hours wrestling out the details of the Eurotrip we're taking in December (!!!). Something to keep me going for the rest of the year.

I was really excited to find caramel Lindor but it's not that nice. / Two rainbow lorikeets sheltering from the weather.


Pitt St mall, on a sneaky window-shopping session after uni ended early.

It's trash collection time, and this pile of mattresses reminded me of The Princess and the Pea. I have this fascination with seeing what people throw out (not to the point of taking stuff home though), probably because I can't bear to throw things out myself. / Little rainbows in my room during golden hour, from my sun-catcher.

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  1. Welcome back Jane :P Great photo's again!
    wahhh I can't believe you've spot these
    2 parrots/birds! And I love cafe with free
    wifi :P Xx

  2. you're going on a trip to europe??? :D what countries are you visiting?

    1. The plan is the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, France and the UK!

  3. Nice post, it's always nice to have a break!

    Gen |

  4. You're back! I'm glad you've done some nice stuff, and that you're having a three-week break. I love your little endeavours, the stacked mattresses look really nice. Since I'm moving again I've finally gotten around to throwing things away or having them on sale online. It's so nice and clean, or... it will be in my new place! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Jane is back! :O
    I hope the three weeks treat you wonderfully well. You deserve the break! And delicious food!

  6. I can understand the dropping off the face of the planet part! School can certainly sap all motivation for everything else haha. Your trips sounds exciting! I see that you're going to Prague, what a beautiful place ! When I visited it was in December as well and the Christmas markets were charming :) Oh and that cheesy bread looks absurdly delicious x

  7. i love that stack of mattresses and that it reminds you of the princess and the pea! who even has that many mattresses to throw out?! also yay you're going to europe! it's going to be freezing in december but i'm definitely still jealous. you're going to have an amazing time!


  8. Aww, I'm probably the biggest fan of your posts! <3 They inspire me so much, I adore your photography. :3

  9. i took your advice and imported all the blogs into blog lovin', what a tip dude. i was going to do them one by one so you saved me about a day.

    the two birds in the tree and the pile of mattresses are my fav things about this post. i'm fascinated with birds.

  10. Very nice pictures! Oh at first glance, I thought the grapefruit was a kissmark in a napkin. Lol! :) You have a nice blog. I am now following you via GFC & Bloglovin. Can you follow me back in my blog, pretty please? See you! 

    XX, IamJenniya
    New Post! >> Bustiers and Bandeaus

  11. Trying to recharge is a necessary thing to do, believe me. I hope you find some peace AND some very good items while shopping :). Love the pictures! xo

  12. It's great to see that you're back! I've never tried Tom'n'toms, but now that you mention it may be worth a visit for the free wifi... I'm so jealous that you're going to Europe by the way, it sounds like it'll be amazing!

  13. The Europe trip sounds exciting. Glad you're back. School has also taken my time as well. Hope you're doing well and I enjoy the daily photographs you taken with your phone :)

  14. hello hello & welcome back! hope you do a lot of relaxing and recharging! that grapefruit looks out of this world delicious!

  15. I love this blog <333


  16. Glad to know your exams are over. School can literally destroy the soul. I hope you are having an amazing time off ^___^


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