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July 31, 2013

Out and about again

Phone pictures from the last week of break, in more pursuit of food.

The QVB at dusk. This was the day after J.K. Rowling was revealed as the author of The Cuckoo's Calling, and I went to Dymocks with the intention of buying it only to find out it had sold out over lunchtime (same with Kinokuniya). I was furious at the time (damn people who have reasons to be in the city at lunchtime!) but I bought a (much cheaper) copy online which just came the other day. I'm only a couple of pages in and I'll let you guys know how I found it when I finish.

Pizza with YY and Wai Lam at Mario Brother's in Crow's Nest. I always go for margherita, but the others didn't want it so I got a little one for myself. There's something unsatisfying about mini slices of pizza though.

The tiramisu at the same place is amazing / Two hot chocolates and a virgin Pina Colada at Coco Cubano down the road. They also sell cigars, but maybe another time...

Outtake from my day by the sea.

We decided to eat Chinese for once. We never eat Asian because I usually choose a place (I'm the picky one) and I don't really like Asian food. We ate at Taste of Shanghai (World Square, bottom level) and I loved it. My favourite type of Chinese food is probably Shanghainese (my parents are from Shanghai so I had a lot of it growing up). We shared the dishes and split the bill and it turned out to be shockingly cheap as well.

N2 gelato, where they make the gelato with nitrogen in front of you. I'd been looking forward to trying it for ages but it was disappointing. I got a cherry flavour and it was super gross in its blandness. I knew I should have gone for my usual chocolate!

In the playground at Darling Quarter with YY and Carrie. Giant slides rock.

Water feature / Hi Carrie!

YY and I continue to visit IKEA just to eat the meatballs (well I do, YY is vegetarian).

IKEA pick'n'mix!

Snapped this on the train after having tea and scones with Alice on the last day of break. It was like the train was taking me away from happiness and freedom (as symbolised by the harbour)...

Making good on my chocolate snacks threat.

So uni's been okay so far. I'm trying a lot harder to make better use of my time so I'm not left feeling guilty and horrible at the end of the day. Hopefully I can keep this up (must be that chocolate!).

July 25, 2013

Tea and scones

I love tea and scones, so I'd been wanting to visit The Tea Cosy for a while. Obviously, the stars were aligned when I met up with Alice for lunch on a cold sunny Sunday and she suggested we go to "this Irish tea and scones place in The Rocks". It's tucked away at the back of the Irish Design Shop in one of the terraces that run alongside the Rocks markets (there's an Irish flag out front, you can't miss it).

We sat in the courtyard. There's also an upper level and a balcony for a view, but the place was packed and I only just managed grab this table.

We went for the Devonshire tea. I had the Irish breakfast tea, which I liked (I'm no tea connoisseur though!).

Their tea cosies are a special feature (hence the name, I guess).

We had the plain scones with pear and vanilla jam, and the cheese scones with blood plum jam. Everything was really good.

Somehow, I kept dropping bits of scone into my teacup (very elegant).

I loved this place, I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland (though if Alice is Alice, I'd have to be the Mad Hatter or that rabbit). I will definitely go back and get more adventurous with my choice of tea and jams. I have my eye on the creme brulee tea and the deluxe tasting basket!

July 21, 2013

Dots and Docs

Here's what I wore last Monday (late I know, but I'm planning to wear this again tomorrow so technically this is also early) to eat pizza and smoke cigars with YY and Wai Lam. Okay so we didn't actually smoke cigars, we only jokingly considered it after we saw them on the menu.

Current favourite shirt from Old Navy, best jeans ever from Uniqlo, mother's trench coat, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, Dr. Marten boots.

Boo to going back to uni tomorrow, I should be in bed because I have an 8.30am start (such fun). I have resolved that this semester will be different, I think it's my own fault that I ended up trapped in a cycle of unmotivation last term by being such a pessimist. So... yay, uni tomorrow! I think I'll have to go stock up on chocolate-based snacks to help keep up this attitude.

July 18, 2013

Winter sun

The winter weather we've been having lately has been ridiculous. And by that, I mean ridiculously beautiful. Apart from a few cloudy days here and there, the past couple of weeks have been sunny and warm (for winter). Today was 23 degrees and while I'm usually one who's happy mooching around at home while the sun's out, I felt like it was just too good to waste. I had an urge to eat chips by the beach, so I drove to La Perouse (which I have blogged about before), to do just that. I did get my chips, but I ate them in the car, because I was afraid of the seagulls (don't even laugh, they are merciless).

I was all nautical-ed up for being by the seaside.

I found myself a rock ledge to sit on after all the exploring.

I sat there for ages and it was so nice, with the sun on my back and being lulled by the sound of the sea (it doesn't work for sleeping though, I downloaded an app with crashing waves to help me sleep and it sounded like people stamping in puddles around my head, very distracting).

I filmed some clips with my phone, so here's a 30 second video.

Striped top is from Uniqlo, tote bag is from The Evolution Store, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, loafers from Bass.

The look of pure evil.

July 14, 2013

Out and about

Mostly in pursuit of food.

Beautiful t-shirt weather in July on the first Monday of break, when I went for some shopping on Pitt St. I've been back about four times and out of all those shopping trips I have only bought one thing! Sales, you let me down every year.

The Soda Factory, a bar in Surry Hills (close to Hyde Park) which is sort of hidden behind a coke machine door and a sign with a different name. We went for the $1 hotdogs (every Tuesday) but I'm going back for the macaroni and cheese and the chilli fries.

I've started running again!. Gotta burn those calories somehow. Or, more importantly, to keep fit so that we can hop from restaurant/bar to chocolate cafe with maximum efficiency (this seems to be routine these days - we have dinner, and then go to a chocolate bar to for a lengthy discussion about our lack of love life/feminism/politics).

Passing through Angel Place on our way to Jamie's Italian (which we didn't end up eating cause the wait was too long and we were too hungry), which has this installation. There were bird chirping noises accompanying the installation and for one moment of horror I thought they were actually keeping birds in those cages. It's called Forgotten Songs, and the birdsong is that of birds which were forced out of central Sydney by European settlement.

"Do you want to add ice cream?" "No th- oh go on, then." I tried the Max Brenner chocolate souffle for the first time the other day. And then went back a couple of days later to have it again. SO GOOD, the ice cream is a must to cut through all that chocolate goodness, and besides what sane person can say no to ice cream anyway?

El Loco at Slip Inn, a couple minutes past the Apple store. I've been to the Surry Hills one before but I'm glad this newer one opened, because I'm more often in this part of the city. The pork taco was good but man, I'm still thinking about that chorizo quesadilla with the chipotle sauce. They do nice (but expensive) margarita slushies too.

Dessert run to Brighton-le-Sands on a chilly night, which culminated in fries at McDonalds.

One more week of break left, I'm wavering between feeling slightly panicky about how little I've used the time off to revise and feeling slightly panicky about how little I've used the time to have fun, which begs the question... what exactly have I been doing? Maybe this is just the feeling of balance (or the guilt from 2-hour online shopping sessions).

July 9, 2013

Open road

Note: At the moment, most of the images in my past posts aren't working, as I've exceeded the photobucket bandwidth for this month. I will update the links for the front page posts but the rest will be back up in a week (because as if I'm going to give Photobucket any money).

Last Thursday, YY and I took a little road trip down to Canberra under the guise of seeing the Turner from the Tate exhibition at the NGA. In reality, we just really wanted to drive somewhere out of Sydney. None of our friends could make it because they "had plans" or "were sick" (another way of saying "I am not getting in your car"?). We were very mature adults, thank you very much, we stuck to the speed limit and stopped-revived-survived/swapped drivers at appropriate times. The person who wasn't driving was responsible for DJ-ing and played greatest hits from our childhood/adolescence, including the very sassy No Scrubs and the best song to drive to at 100km/hr ever - Bat Country.

I'm just going take a second to brag about the glorious winter weather we've been having lately.

Keep your eyes on the road, YY.

Stopping over in Goulburn to see the Big Merino. You can't take a serious picture with a giant ram statue.

On the left is Lake George - well, it's supposed to be a lake, but it dried out in the drought.

Hello Canberra! For non-Australians who don't know, Canberra is our capital city, but it's more like a glorified suburb that they built because Sydney and Melbourne couldn't come to an agreement as to which of those cities should be the capital. True story.

The title is self explanatory... Turner paintings... from the Tate.

They took the ambient lighting a bit too far. I'm here to see things.

Heidelberg, where we have been.

I think I enjoy gift shops more than actual exhibitions. This one was very British themed.

After we had a bit of a look around the rest of the gallery (no pictures allowed), we were starved so we went to a Westfield for lunch.

By the time we finished there wasn't much else worth trying to do in Canberra, so we started the drive back to Sydney.

Highlights of the trip back included driving around Goulburn in a panic because we couldn't find a petrol station, and the claustrophobic feeling of driving on a pitch black highway because I didn't know how to turn the high beams on. All in all, awesome day - I ended up with a sore throat from all the singing we did. Who needs a karaoke room when you have a car? More road tripping is definitely on the list for this break.