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July 31, 2013

Out and about again

Phone pictures from the last week of break, in more pursuit of food.

The QVB at dusk. This was the day after J.K. Rowling was revealed as the author of The Cuckoo's Calling, and I went to Dymocks with the intention of buying it only to find out it had sold out over lunchtime (same with Kinokuniya). I was furious at the time (damn people who have reasons to be in the city at lunchtime!) but I bought a (much cheaper) copy online which just came the other day. I'm only a couple of pages in and I'll let you guys know how I found it when I finish.

Pizza with YY and Wai Lam at Mario Brother's in Crow's Nest. I always go for margherita, but the others didn't want it so I got a little one for myself. There's something unsatisfying about mini slices of pizza though.

The tiramisu at the same place is amazing / Two hot chocolates and a virgin Pina Colada at Coco Cubano down the road. They also sell cigars, but maybe another time...

Outtake from my day by the sea.

We decided to eat Chinese for once. We never eat Asian because I usually choose a place (I'm the picky one) and I don't really like Asian food. We ate at Taste of Shanghai (World Square, bottom level) and I loved it. My favourite type of Chinese food is probably Shanghainese (my parents are from Shanghai so I had a lot of it growing up). We shared the dishes and split the bill and it turned out to be shockingly cheap as well.

N2 gelato, where they make the gelato with nitrogen in front of you. I'd been looking forward to trying it for ages but it was disappointing. I got a cherry flavour and it was super gross in its blandness. I knew I should have gone for my usual chocolate!

In the playground at Darling Quarter with YY and Carrie. Giant slides rock.

Water feature / Hi Carrie!

YY and I continue to visit IKEA just to eat the meatballs (well I do, YY is vegetarian).

IKEA pick'n'mix!

Snapped this on the train after having tea and scones with Alice on the last day of break. It was like the train was taking me away from happiness and freedom (as symbolised by the harbour)...

Making good on my chocolate snacks threat.

So uni's been okay so far. I'm trying a lot harder to make better use of my time so I'm not left feeling guilty and horrible at the end of the day. Hopefully I can keep this up (must be that chocolate!).


  1. Wow your phone makes absolutely
    high quality pictures!

    Sorry to hear that the J.K book
    has been sold out but yay for
    the cheaper copy version c:
    All the food places you have been
    sounds nice and I can't believe
    you don't like Asian food!

    What a bummer about the N2 Gelato
    ice cream but I'd love to try it
    out someday and to see the chemistry
    ice cream making part.

    And don't you dare to try out cigars
    :P Xx

  2. Your phone pics are beautiful quality!!!!
    I see shao long bao :3
    & & & pizza!


  3. I'm the same when I try new ice cream flavors! "should've gone with my chocolate..." haha :) I didn't know they don't translate things in ikea??? like the drink. & I had no idea they had that "pick n mix" thing in ikea in other countries??? so funny!

  4. I'd love to have a read of that book too, I hadn't even heard of it until now!xx

  5. All of the food looks super yummy c:

    Gen |

  6. Oh my, such nice adventures! The picture quality if your phone is quite nice, by the way. And YAY! I'm proud of you for keeping up with making better use of your time with uni stuff!!

  7. I was pretty surprised that JK Rowling published another book! I grabbed it just a few days ago and can't wait to wrap up with my current book and start on it.

  8. It's all about the food these days isn't it, you love it! Shame about the ice cream, stick to your guts

  9. I never liked cherry-flavoured anything, they always taste like cough syrup.

    My school is 10 minutes away from Kinokuniya and I managed to sneak there at lunchtime to get a copy muahaha < that is an evil laugh

    Oooooh pizza. *craves*

  10. Food food food! That is the way to a great time :) Oh my! I didn't know JKR has the book out, I should get my hands on it!

  11. food pictures are making me drool! the pizza looks so delicious!

  12. Ooh I love margherita! I don't like eating mini food haha. It never feels like enough! I usually don't like eating Chinese food when I go out because I have it at home all the time. People always talk about Ikea food but I've never eaten there before because the closest one is so far away from my home. ):

  13. All this food looks delish! I bought some IKEA meatballs from the food market there I love them so much haha xxx

  14. I dislike Asian food too, I have that "I can get Asian food at home *must eat something different out*". Oh, The Cuckoo's Calling, do let me how how that goes! (Been meaning to read The Casual Vacancy too but I haven't gotten round to that yet!) I hope you've been well, my first week of uni is almost over and I can't wait for it to be the summer break!

  15. You and your food posts make me so hungry when I spot them!
    Started The Cuckoo's Calling myself, I really like it so far. Much easier to get into than The Casual Vacancy in my opinion, my only problem now is other stuff getting in the way of me wanting to finish it! xoxo

  16. Ahh you have such a fun uni life! I'm so jealous :P I've always wanted to try N2 gelato but now I don't feel so keen any more haha.

  17. Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  18. Total foodgasm!!


  19. OH MY GOD, ikea has pick and mix lollies?! that changes everything, i am definitely hitting that up next time i need to go to ikea. amazing.

    and that's such a shame about the fancy gelato place! it's such a cool idea, but really i'm just generally unimpressed by anything that's not messina these days, haha. they've ruined other gelato for me.

    little henry lee

  20. The pizza looks delicious! I'm drooling!!

    Xo, Hannah

  21. Foodporn all the way haha. I wish I had bought timtams when I was in Thailand this summer.
    I always here such good things about these wonderful cookies, but we don't have it in the Netherlands unfortunately :(
    Anyway, I just discovered your blog and really enjoy browsing, so I nominated you for the Liebster Awards on my blog!
    If you don't know Liebster, it's a creative way to spread the love for beginning blogs or blogs with a smaller amount of followers. You should check it out :) More info:
    X, Jessy


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