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September 28, 2013

Three books

Three books I've read recently (by recently I mean in the last two months) that I've been meaning to post about for a couple of weeks. I should talk about books on here more often, so I seem more intelligent and less superficial...

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. I tried to buy this the day after the news came out that it was actually JK Rowling who'd written it under a pseudonym, but it had sold out everywhere. I pre-ordered and managed to survive the wait. This is her second non-Harry Potter book (I talked about The Casual Vacancy here) and it's a crime novel. The Cuckoo's Calling is more action-packed. I quite liked it, even though it got a bit slow in the middle; I'm re-reading it right now and I'm enjoying it more, now I know how it ends. In terms of the plot twist, it's a pretty good one and it wasn't too predictable or cheap. She also really nailed the characters in this, I did find myself rooting for the flawed-hero type protagonist. Overall I enjoyed The Casual Vacancy more but I don't regret buying this book, I know I'm going to come back to it on my bookshelf.

Don't Look Now and Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier (in a snazzy green). Since I read Rebecca, I'd been wanting to check out more of her work (she wrote The Birds, which the movie was based on). This one is a collection of short stories/novellas, and I loved them. I'm really into short stories with spooky, unsettling twists and these are perfect. In fact, I barely read this book properly because it was so suspenseful and I just wanted to find out what was going to happen. Definitely going to read more from her.

In A Glass Darkly by J. Sheridan Le Fanu (I folded back the cover because it's really really ugly). I first read Carmilla, a novella included in this book, a couple of years ago and I really liked it (it's about a lady vampire and inspired Dracula). These are all gothic horror and pretty disappointing, to be honest. The best one is Carmilla, and The Room in the Dragon Volant is good but predictable. The first story is about a guy who drinks too much green tea and starts hallucinating a monkey... so...

What are you guys reading right now? Any suggestions?

September 20, 2013


These pictures were from Monday, I have been trying all week to put this post up but I have just been so busy! Anyway, the weather here has been crazy - it was raining this day, and the next day it was hailing where I live while it was sunny at uni. Not a very spring-appropriate outfit, but at least it's sort of relevant for my northern hemisphere readers.

This wasn't a special otufit or anything, I just decided to take these because I was feeling good about my hair that day.

Title of this post is referencing Pugsley Addams, because this top reminds me of him. My mum actually bought it for $5 from Big W for my little brother, but I liked it so I swiped it. It actually fits me so well... time to start shopping in the boy's section?

And my beautiful Dune boots! I love them... sometimes when I'm wearing them I'll just reach down and stroke my foot...

I have been so busy yet unproductive this past week. I'm behind on returning comments, I know it, bear with me!

September 9, 2013

FNO Sydney '13

Vogue Fashion's Night Out was on Thursday. I've been twice before and it's become something I look forward to, because there's such a fun atmosphere. If you don't know, it's kind of a promotional event the stores around Pitt St mall do once a year.

Some people will try to tell you that FNO is about fashion. It's not. It's about hitting up all the stores doing "refreshments". We started in Topshop.

I also love that promotional photobooths are a thing. Especially ones that give you printouts! (And fruit juice).

Then we made our way to Martin Place...

For ASOS! They were doing this thing where you embarassed yourself by "marrying" a piece of clothing (hard to explain), and they'd send it to you as a gift. This must have cost them a lot, but I suppose they're expecting to make that back.

Me with the vest I chose (I don't even wear sleeveless tops but I panicked, I'm bad at making decisions), and Wai Lam with her bag. I'm not sure if these pictures clarify the marrying concept at all (pictures from ASOS Australia).

Roasted nuts from outside this jewellery store I don't remember the name of but does awesome free food every year / fairy floss!

Jenny and YY came later and they wanted an ASOS giftbag too, so we went back to Martin Place and I took the chance to get a taco from a food truck. It was an awesome taco. Unfortunately I don't have the energy to chase food trucks around on regular days.

Selfie in a Dior window display after we walked around the store awkwardly pretending we could actually afford anything in there.

Hermes photobooth was fun... but they picked the worst photo of my face.

More photobooth photos...

In addition to the fashion and free stuff, FNO is an opportunity to pose with scantily clad Calvin Klein models / Essie sculpture.

I sort of regret not taking my DSLR! But then again I probably wouldn't have taken as many pictures as I did with it, the phone is so easy to whip in and out. Outfit details if anyone wanted to know: shirt from Seed, skirt from Glassons, boots from Dune and watch c/o of Daniel Wellington.

September 7, 2013

Third time lucky

Or, I Never Want To Go Through Another Winter Without Black Boots Again. After I finally admitted defeat and faced the fact that the Chelsea boots I already had were too small for me, I set about looking for a replacement. I thought I'd found them in the Topshop ones I posted several entries ago, but the heel feel off after the first wear, so back they went. Then I ordered a pair from another site, and got an email telling me they'd actually sold out. Noo! But I decided to take a look on ASOS and voila, a likely-looking pair from Dune.

dune chelsea boots
I'd never actually heard of Dune before but this pair of boots had good reviews on their site, so I gave 'em a chance. And they are beautiful! Comfortable too, with better arch support than those dodgy Topshop ones. Not only that, I wore them out last night and both heels stayed on. Score. I'm in love. If Dune are actually known for having crappy shoes, don't tell me, because I want to enjoy the honeymoon.

dune chelsea boots
I reckon black Chelsea boots rank above my loafers and Docs on my necessary-shoes list. It was actually really hard dressing myself over the winter-of-black-boots-deprivation, because loafers aren't preferable in the rain and Doc Martens are just not appropriate in some settings. The weather's warming up quickly (it seems that Sydney just doesn't do transition weather) but I think I'll wear these until my feet roast off.

September 3, 2013


... has sprung, and here are some snapshots from yesterday, the first day of my measly one-week spring break.

The striped short sleeve comes out again as part of my mild-weather uniform / waiting on the Town Hall steps for Alice, because I forgot the golden rule for meeting Alice (always come half an hour later than agreed).

Caught up over Lord of the Fries, which just opened here. We ate our chips in World Square, which has turned into a nice place to sit, apart from the fact it's a wind tunnel / Alice left, and I did a spot of emergency shopping for a birthday present on my favourite street.

Pre-dinner frozen yoghurt with Deborah to reward ourselves for finding a funny card / surprise birthday dinner for Vidya at Chat Thai, where I had really good pad si-ew. I'm not even into Thai food and I cleaned the plate. I think I've been converted.

Wow, August just whizzed by! I'm afraid I won't be going on any fun adventures for the next week (or possibly the next three months) because I'll be trying to study, but there are a few at-homey things I've been wanting to post about so look out for those!