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December 20, 2013


This is a scheduled post; I'm currently travelling in Europe! Here's to hoping it's been published properly.

So here's my Whitepepper smock dress in action; yes, I decided to jump on the smockwagon. This had been on sale at ASOS for a while, but I was dithering about buying it because even though I liked the style, I wasn't sure if it'd look good on me (I mean, if smocks can make willowy models look kind of pregnant...). I ended up taking the plunge, and I love it so much! Yes, my mother did think I'd bought a maternity dress, but on the flip side that very characteristic makes it the perfect dress for going to a buffet.

whitepepper smock boots
So if you're thinking about getting one and not sure if it's right for your "body type", I say screw that and go for it. I feel like "what to wear for your body type" tips just continue to reinforce that women's bodies need to look a certain way (e.g. make your waist look thinner, your legs longer, and your chest bigger, but not too big you strumpet). By all means wear what you feel most confident in, but don't let "the rules" hold you back!

whitepepper smock boots
It also has pockets! This dress is really well cut (The Whitepepper obviously knows what they're doing). I got my normal size and it fits perfectly; I was also worried that it might be too short but the hem dips down at the back to give adequate coverage of my behind.

whitepepper smock boots
Dune boots and Evolution tote bag. I'm excited to layer this up when the weather gets cold. I'm thinking my favourite gingham shirt, black tights and Docs... or red tights and loafers. With a trench coat on top.

December 14, 2013

The picnic and the evil kookaburra

This is a scheduled post; I'm currently travelling in Europe! Here's to hoping it's been published properly.

On the Tuesday before I left, we went on a picnic in a bit of bushland near YY's place. We had actually planned a roadtrip to the Blue Mountains that day, except a certain someone had partied a little too hard the preceding (Monday!) night and wasn't feeling up to it, so we've had to postpone it.

I'd picked up some Almdudler and Manner wafers the previous day, just for Austria nostalgia. YY made popcorn and quinoa (which she made me try) and Vivien and Eunice brought an entire roasted chicken.

The evil Kookaburra in question. It swooped down and tried to steal food from us twice (terrifying) and when I tried to shoo it away it just looked at me disdainfully. I used to think they were cute but close up they're reasonably large with really sharp looking beaks, so I'm seeing them in a new light. I'm going to be twitchy whenever I hear kookaburra laughter from now on.

YY's new heavy-duty camera and lens (her post is here). Alas, we are no longer camera buddies. But I will enjoy stealing it when I can to take extreme close-ups of people's faces.

She also won five pairs of New Balance in a giveaway and now wears them completely inappropriately (kidding, love ya).

This place sort of reminded me of the arena in Catching Fire, if I squinted... no? I'm just on a Hunger Games kick right now, how good is the new movie?

I sat by while the others went hunting for the little crabs that were scuttling around on the sand.

All in all, a good day borne out of a hangover (this wasn't mine, just to clarify).

December 9, 2013

Brunch times three

This is a scheduled post; I'm currently travelling in Europe! Here's to hoping it's been published properly.

On the Monday before we left, Wai Lam (who I'm travelling with) and I went for a last brunch with Jenny. What was supposed to be just a quick morning meal turned into an extended food outing.

We started in Clipper Cafe in Glebe. It's a really cute place, but everything on the menu is way too healthy and egg-y. When I think brunch, I think of a fry-up plus possibly pancakes. I probably got the junkiest thing on the menu - crumpets with bacon and maple syrup - but I couldn't finish it because it was too sweet.

We then ambled our way up Broadway to check out the new mall across from UTS. Mainly its foodcourt. Guzman y Gomez, specifically. We ate on the balcony overlooking the new park.

Thinking that we might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb, we decided to seek out some dessert and ended up at Oliver Brown chocolate cafe in World Square. Typical.

December 4, 2013

Packed again

So we're leaving tomorrow! I'm sort of freaking out, I'm always really nervous and stressed while travelling (each week probably takes a year off my life). At the same time, I definitely wouldn't be happy not being able to travel. Because I like to torture myself. Anyway, like I said in the last post, we're going to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris, London, and Edinburgh over the next month or so. I've packed similarly to last year's US trip, but I didn't feel right not doing a final see-you-later sort of post. I hate that these pictures are terrible quality but I didn't have the time to take nicer ones.

My standard clothes, plus a merino thermal underneath (not shown) and my mother's down parka, which has been a lifesaver.

Sneak peek at my carry-on. Everyone raves about The Book Thief and since the movie's coming out I thought I'd give it a read.

I'm starting to regret choosing to use a backpack over a suitcase. A backpack's probably most practical for us, but right now it's almost full and I don't know how I'm going to fit all the shopping I'm planning to do in there. I might end up having to buy a rolling suitcase in London or Edinburgh.

As for around here, I've got a couple of backlogged posts queued up so it won't be too quiet, and I'll probably do some clumsy updates from my phone when I can. See you when I see you!

December 2, 2013

Here and there

First order of business - new layout! It took me ages cause I hadn't touched CSS for two years, as I loved my old layout so much. But it was definitely time for a change, so here it is. I spent about 5 hours working on the stupid sticky navigation bar up there, I still don't entirely understand the code. Hoping it works for everyone, it would be great if you let me know if there are any problems (is the font too hard to read?).

Secondly - thanks for all the well wishes for exams. I could have done better, but I think I did enough, and it's over now anyway. I've (finally) replied to the questions in the last post and will sit down tomorrow and have a massive comment-returning session.

So here are some phone photos of what I've been up to following exams. I'm actually more tired than I was while studying from running around trying to catch up with everyone (don't know what that says about the quality of my studying). To be fair I've been off my feet with work and trying to organise everything for Europe!

Dinner at Grill'd with really nice Rekorderlig slushie (served with popping candy?).

Walking back to the city / desserts.

Is it weird that I've always loved the QVB bathrooms? I've been trying out the side-pony.

QVB Christmas tree. Okay, now that my exams are over everyone has permission to look forward to Christmas.

More QVB Christmas.

On the ground in the city / Tacos at El Loco.

Basically everyone who sits in this park is eating gelato Messina / dug out my long-abandoned red jeans.

Martin Place Christmas tree.

I'm leaving for Europe on Thursday so I've been madly trying to get everything organised. We're going to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Paris, London and Edinburgh. Suggestions for what to do and see in those cities will be much appreciated :)