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December 20, 2013


This is a scheduled post; I'm currently travelling in Europe! Here's to hoping it's been published properly.

So here's my Whitepepper smock dress in action; yes, I decided to jump on the smockwagon. This had been on sale at ASOS for a while, but I was dithering about buying it because even though I liked the style, I wasn't sure if it'd look good on me (I mean, if smocks can make willowy models look kind of pregnant...). I ended up taking the plunge, and I love it so much! Yes, my mother did think I'd bought a maternity dress, but on the flip side that very characteristic makes it the perfect dress for going to a buffet.

whitepepper smock boots
So if you're thinking about getting one and not sure if it's right for your "body type", I say screw that and go for it. I feel like "what to wear for your body type" tips just continue to reinforce that women's bodies need to look a certain way (e.g. make your waist look thinner, your legs longer, and your chest bigger, but not too big you strumpet). By all means wear what you feel most confident in, but don't let "the rules" hold you back!

whitepepper smock boots
It also has pockets! This dress is really well cut (The Whitepepper obviously knows what they're doing). I got my normal size and it fits perfectly; I was also worried that it might be too short but the hem dips down at the back to give adequate coverage of my behind.

whitepepper smock boots
Dune boots and Evolution tote bag. I'm excited to layer this up when the weather gets cold. I'm thinking my favourite gingham shirt, black tights and Docs... or red tights and loafers. With a trench coat on top.


  1. Oh Jane you look adoooorable c: Lovely dress, boots
    and canvas tote bag! Xx

  2. I hope everything is going fun fun fun Jane!
    The body type thing can be restricting for some people, and it should not be taken too seriously. If you like it, wear it, and enjoy it :)

  3. You look great in it and to be honest, a smock is a style in itself :p
    Hope you're having loads of fun over here!

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  4. i actually love these types of dresses - with the loose waist! :)

  5. I hate rules, just go with what feels good. That's the rule....oh wait, I don't like rules. Ok that's the "plan".

    Buckets & Spades

  6. You're so cute! ^^

    Hmmm where are you travelling around here, if I may ask..? :) I hope you have loads of warm clothes packed with you or head straight to local boutiques - Europe isn't the warmest kind at the moment ♥ Have a happy trip and Merry Christmas x


  7. I never thought about fashion rules reinforcing social expectations of women's bodies! That was an eye opening sentence. Either way, you're rocking the smock :)

  8. Ahhh I love smock dresses! I tots agree, the shape isn't just as flattering for everyone, but you totally rocked that dress! Whitepepper's got awesome clothes, if it wasn't for the prices I would seriously buy most of their stuff. Hope you're having a blast in Europe! :)

  9. The dress is perfect! I'm just in love with everything from the white pepper haha.
    Hope you're having a great time in europe!

  10. Hi Jane! You've got the Sunshine Blogger tag tagged by me! :
    X, Jessy

  11. you're totally right, buying things for our "body type" totally does just reinforce the stereotype of how we should look and feel comfortable, which is bullshit. but thank you for pointing that out because the not suitable for my body type thing is the exact reason why i've steered clear of smocks even though i've thought they look really cute.

    anyway i hope you're having an amazing time away and i can't wait to see some photos of your trip!!

    little henry lee

  12. The dress is too cute! I remember eyeing a similar dress on asos for the longest time, but it sold out before it went on sale :( Hope you're enjoying Europe :)

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  13. totally agree with what you say about body type cliches, i hate the fact that because i'm chubby i shouldn't wear androginous clothes, and just celebrate my hourglass figure, whatever that means. Obviously i've never cared about that, and my wardrobe is full of masculine type clothes. i dont know why you should get all 'sexualised' because you have some flesh on you, it's beyond me.
    anyways, rant over haha, you look smoking hot with that smock dress ;) xx


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