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December 14, 2013

The picnic and the evil kookaburra

This is a scheduled post; I'm currently travelling in Europe! Here's to hoping it's been published properly.

On the Tuesday before I left, we went on a picnic in a bit of bushland near YY's place. We had actually planned a roadtrip to the Blue Mountains that day, except a certain someone had partied a little too hard the preceding (Monday!) night and wasn't feeling up to it, so we've had to postpone it.

I'd picked up some Almdudler and Manner wafers the previous day, just for Austria nostalgia. YY made popcorn and quinoa (which she made me try) and Vivien and Eunice brought an entire roasted chicken.

The evil Kookaburra in question. It swooped down and tried to steal food from us twice (terrifying) and when I tried to shoo it away it just looked at me disdainfully. I used to think they were cute but close up they're reasonably large with really sharp looking beaks, so I'm seeing them in a new light. I'm going to be twitchy whenever I hear kookaburra laughter from now on.

YY's new heavy-duty camera and lens (her post is here). Alas, we are no longer camera buddies. But I will enjoy stealing it when I can to take extreme close-ups of people's faces.

She also won five pairs of New Balance in a giveaway and now wears them completely inappropriately (kidding, love ya).

This place sort of reminded me of the arena in Catching Fire, if I squinted... no? I'm just on a Hunger Games kick right now, how good is the new movie?

I sat by while the others went hunting for the little crabs that were scuttling around on the sand.

All in all, a good day borne out of a hangover (this wasn't mine, just to clarify).


  1. What a lovely place to have a picnic c: Xx

  2. What's this Almdudler stuff then? I like the design of the can. Five pairs, flipping heck, that's quite a win!

    Chelsea boots on the beach, casual.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. It's a herbal lemonade, tastes super nice!

  3. This looks like a fab place to picnic, and it's so bright and sunny!
    Anja x

  4. We used to sing a song about the Kookaburra when I was in elementary school, but I've actually never seen one before, haha. I didn't realize that they just hang out like that!

  5. Jane!! Where did you find the Almdudler?! I must know this vital information, just in case!! :P Was it expensive?
    And where abouts is the beach/parkland too? Looks really pretty :)
    Hope your travels are going well!

  6. Eugh, swooping birds are my worst nightmare so I can't imagine how annoying that would've been! It's been way too long since I last attended a picnic but I think I probably should in the spirit of summer, haha :)

  7. Looks very peaceful, picnics are always nice. And omg a vulture once flew pretty close to my family and I when we were in Florida, scariest moment ever. We ran into the car and drove away until it flew away hahaha. Hope you're having fun in Europe!

  8. it's weird seeing such sunny pictures when it's freezing here x

  9. the day after is always exciting. Even if you weren't the one hung over. The day out seems great nonetheless. The weather looked perfect and I had no idea kookaburra's had the behavour of a magpie.

  10. this is such a beautiful place!

  11. I hope you're enjoying your travels, lady! Can't wait to see more beautiful photos like these. :) xoxo


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