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January 3, 2014

La Sardina

This is the last of the scheduled posts (I'm currently travelling in Europe). I'm going to be home in a couple of days so look forward to the Europe photo spam!

I thought I'd do a proper post to appreciate the La Sardina Eight Ball camera I won in Soph's giveaway with Set That. This was the set I entered. Ironically though, I haven't taken it with me to explore cities in Europe - I would've loved to see those results, but I have my DSLR and I prefer to be responsible for as few items as possible when travelling.

It comes with a fun book on lomography for a bit of inspiration.

I'm going to get my hands on some film when I get back to Sydney and start experimenting. This will probably be an expensive hobby but I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with it. Does anyone here use one of these?


  1. Again, I'm really jello and at the same time
    happy for you to win this awesome lomo
    camera!! Xx

  2. love these analog cameras. can't wait to see some of your shots with the sardina!

  3. Ahh man I want that! But yeah I agree film is getting expensive, I only use film once in a while because of that =\

  4. It is an expensive hobby but in fact, you can buy cheap film specially if their expiration date has passed; and you can try to find a lab to reveal the photos. I'm going to travel as well in the last week of this month. I'm going to Spain and Italy. Have fun with your new toy! (and I'm waiting for the spam pics ahaha) xx

  5. I have a Diana Mini, brought it to USA with me and I loved it. Only just found your blog but I'm very excited to see your photos from Europe. Hope you're having a grand time!

  6. What kind of effect does this one give? Do you know if the sardine-ness is just the shape too? Sounds like a good hobbie. I like the packaging design of it.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. It would be so fun to photograph on film. I don't have any lomos but couple other old cameras. I shot one roll almost full (which was also a bit old, found it with the camera) during summer. I guess I'm a bit anxious because it's expensive to get the film developed, and I have no idea whether there's even any decent images on it! :D

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  8. Film photography is probably one of the best things ever. I kind of experimented before but I never got the films developed .... and now I don't want to because it was a few years ago anyway :P. Have fun playing around with your new camera and looking forward to those Europe posts!

  9. lucky you! i don't have a la sardina but i have a bunch of other lomo cameras and they're so much fun to use and experiment with. looking forward to all of your europe photos when you get back! :)

    little henry lee


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