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January 25, 2014


To be honest, we didn't plan Munich that well, so we didn't spend our time very wisely. It's a lovely city, but I didn't really get a sense of what its identity is (well apart from beer and beer gardens, but I'm sure there's more... right?). I feel like it would be a good place to live, though.

The New Town Hall with the famous glockenspiel. At 11, the clock chimes and these little figures come out and do this whole jousting thing. It's pretty cute actually, better than the Astronomical clock in Prague.

People surfing in fake waves in 3 degree weather in the English Gardens. Really awesome.

The English Gardens are quite nice and peaceful, I imagine it would be even better in the summer.

There was a Christmas market in the middle of it, where we ate bratwurst and drank gluhwein/punch.

We visited the Pinakothek der Moderne, a modern art museum. This exhibition was on African architecture.

You had to take your shoes off.

Then we headed over to Neue Pinakothek, which has 18th and 19th century art (there's also a third one, Alte Pinakothek, which we didn't have enough time for).

We really liked this one, they have a few famous artworks but the place was really empty and we could enjoy everything without being pushed around by crowds.

We also took a day trip to Neuschwanstein castle. It's in Fussen, a two hour train ride out of Munich.

Hohenschwangau castle, which is in the same town.

A beautiful lake nearby. The scenery around here is gorgeous.

As you can see we didn't get the iconic view of the castle, because we didn't have time after doing a tour inside. I sort of regret doing that tour, because the interior isn't that impressive.

Even though I don't think I've sold Berlin or Munich that well, I did have a good time in both! I'm keen to see more of Germany in the future, any suggestions?


  1. You say you didn't plan your trip in Munich well but
    the pictures here are telling me a different story :P
    I've been to Munich twice and sadly just inside the
    airport. I'd love to visit the city in 'real'! Xx

  2. Looks so magical! Winter wonderland. The person surfing, crazy and cold! But so cool :)

  3. Wow the second last picture is simply stunning! All of your scenery pictures are. The English Gardens look so pretty as well :) x

  4. I love the photos on your blog so much! you are very talented!!
    What do you edit them with?
    Munich seems absolutely stunning :) The landscape is breathtaking!

  5. Munich looks magical during the winter months! Neuschwanstein castle looks so majestic in that photo. I haven't been to Germany before but it's definitely on my list!

  6. The English Gardens look so... English, in a good way! :) Beautiful, really.
    Munich sounds more appealing to me than Berlin though.
    That iconic castle has to be on everyone's bucket list!
    Have you visited Köln yet? It's a cosy city, I loved its spirit.

    1. Haven't visited, I'll definitely put it on my list!

  7. You say you didn't plan it all out that well, but what you did see in Munich is gorgeous. All the castles and arhitecture, plentiful amount of museums. And I didn't realise they created fake waves there, that is so funny. I guess we take our surf for granted...

  8. I think you sold this side of it pretty well to be honest, it has beautiful scenery and the gallery looks really interesting. What's the deal behind the cars going up the wall? Could I use that image on my blog with a credit to your blog?

    Buckets & Spades

  9. It looks pretty cool! To bad about the tour inside :[

  10. awesome. that surfing picture is way cool!

  11. Honestly, you sold me on Germany!

  12. I can't believe that people were surfing in that weather! The scenery is really quite gorgeous, and I'm dying to visit just to see these beautiful sights.

  13. So nice to see these photographs, Jane! It's like taking a mini-vacation for now. What a beautiful lake! Do you know how deep it was?

  14. I am so jealous of your travels. Beautiful!

    Malt Memories.

  15. Gorgeous photos! I know little about the place really, but your photos make it look like a really lovely place to go to!

  16. Oh Neuschwannstein and its surroundings are so pretty in winter. Maybe I shouldn't go on summer holiday trips anymore but just fit everything in my little Christmas break. It all looks so much more magical in the wintersun!! The art museum looks brilliant, didn't know they had any Van Goghs. Munich does look like a place I'd like to visit!!

  17. I love seeing your photos of the places you've gone. I've been around Europe but never Germany but hopefully I will get to soon :) And the Van Gogh painting.. aghhh my favorite!!

  18. Hi :) I'm Iwona and I am a blogger and illustrator :) I just found your blog, which is interesting and cute:) I really like it :) I would like to show you my blog and my illustrations and If you get a second, I' d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations and blog:) I greet:)

  19. This is really great girl. great pictures! I'm on "the travel spirit" right now, and this is "gold for my eyes".


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