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January 15, 2014

Prague i

MY FAVOURITE CITY. I am really glad Wai Lam insisted on going to Prague when I wasn't to keen on it to start with. It's stunningly beautiful, there are quite a few sights to see, it's walkable and the people are friendly. Don't miss Prague if you're travelling Europe, guys. It's only 4 hours by train from Berlin/by bus from Munich so there is no excuse.

Christmas Markets at Wenceslas square.

Delicious market food.

My favourite building in Old Town, Church of Our Lady Before Týn.

The famous Astronomical Clock, it rings every hour and these little figures come out. It's pretty overrated.

Prague Castle, across the river.

Charles Bridge.

Old Town Square Christmas markets at night.

Photobombed by birds.

Our plan was to "hop over Charles Bridge quickly to get to the castle early".

Rookie mistake. One does not "hop over" Charles Bridge at sunrise.

It took us about half an hour of photo-taking.

We were almost up at the castle when... my camera ran out of battery. I hadn't thought to charge it. Let me just say, I have never been so angry with myself in my life. So for the rest of the day if I wanted to take a picture I'd have to take my battery out, warm it up a bit, and then put it back in, and that would work for a single snap. Luckily my iPhone camera is alright.

Inside St Vitus, which is inside the castle complex.

The back of St Vitus. Apparently it took 700 years to build.

After we finished the castle, we set off to explore the rest of the west side of the river. A cliffhanger because I had to split the pictures, I have too many. So look out for part ii.


  1. Wow, beautiful, prague is definitely on my list of cities I need to visit.

  2. I remember in my Age of Empire gaming days, I remember how annoyed I was that building a cathedral would take ages. So whenever I see amazing architecture I am overwhelmed with awe. Prague looks amazing, but it wasn't on my places to see list. And its unfortunate with your battery dying, I'm going to have to remember to buy a second battery for special ocasions in the future.

  3. Oh yes yes yes! Prague is such a beautiful city! When I was there for the first time 2 years ago I was just in awe with everything. I guess it's maybe better to visit in winter then in summer. I had a heatstroke and felt the people weren't so nice. But hey, it's still a gorgeous city. I really the photobombed-by-birds picture. And the one from uphill near the castle is stunning too. Glad you could take some pictures still. I once forgot to put my battery back in my camera before I left on a trip. Had to buy one in Paris, now I have of those camera faux-pas you'll never forget again I guess :P

    1. Aw no! Heatstroke is never good. Maybe people were nicer when we went because of the Christmas cheer? Haha I totally forgot to put my battery in when we were in Edinburgh... I could only laugh at myself.

  4. Looks very nice! Would like to visit it someday!

  5. ahh that sucks about your camera battery but at least you had your phone with you. it would have been so frustrating though! :(

    prague is a beautiful city, it's so funny seeing your photos of it because they're basically all the same places i went to when i was there! except no cute christmas markets because i was there in october but i'm glad you liked the city so much! :)

    little henry lee

  6. The photos are beautiful!!
    Really makes me wish I was there :)

  7. So stunning and beautiful! Wow, look at all the architecture and history. Of course I will not miss Prague on my future Europe travels. After a few incidents of having low camera battery or forgetting my memory card, I always always have an extra of everything! I think for my next camera I am going to buy like 5 extra batteries because I'm so ditzy :)

  8. definitely want to visit prague. i have been intrigued by that city ever since i was little. your photos are so stunning!

  9. Prague is on my list! I have had friends who have visited, and have fallen in love with the mystic charm of the place. Your picture with the birds that photobombed you is really pretty!!!

  10. So pretttttyyyyy!! It oozes history! Great photography!

  11. Prague looks amazing - I'll definitely have to visit one day. :) That sucks about your camera battery! I always forget my memory card... I should probably buy extras for everything haha.

  12. These photos are so beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Bella x

  13. please put these into your list when you visit shanghai, you just HAVE to eat the famous "Sheng jian bao", "Salty meat-filled glutinous rice balls" & "Yang mei berries" (if you can find).
    I've been craving those for long enough.
    Oh and "Hong shao rou", "Sweet wine drink", "Dumplings", "Fried rice cakes"... etc, etc.
    Gosh, just eat. Looking forward to pictures for the trip! Enjoy!!

  14. Now this is somewhere I'd love to visit. The buildings look incredible. Do you ever think how on earth did they build that?!

    Phew for iPhone backup.

    Buckets & Spades

  15. yay you're back! prague is defs one of the prettiest places i've been too as well, can't wait for part 2 =)

  16. Prague is beautiful, never really thought about traveling there but I cannot get over these pictures.

  17. I seriously need to visit then! It's always been on my 'must visit before I die' list, but now I'm reassured by the fact that it's cheap haha

  18. Prague is amazing, them pigeons though :B

  19. Oh wow it looks stunning! I've wanted to visit Prague for a while but it gets a bit of a bad rep because so many stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) parties go over there from the UK so I'm wary of going there but these photos have changed my mind! Can't wait to see more photos these are just beautiful!
    Nina from little nomad

  20. Pure Magic in the picture! so lame about your camera battery I would have been mad at myself too.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  21. such a good journey xx

  22. Prague really is beautiful, it's definitely on my go to list!


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