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February 13, 2014

Eating around Europe

Firstly, hello I am back from China. I couldn't get onto Blogger but couldn't seem to post or comment over there, so sorry about that (lucky I scheduled posts). I'm in the process of returning comments and replying to questions now! Anyway, I do have a couple of posts from Europe left so I'll get to posting those up and then save my China ones for a rainy day.

If you guys have been wondering about the lack of food pictures from my Europe posts, it's because I've been saving them up for this! I'll be guest posting on Michelle's blog, Daisybutter, this year and this is the first installment. I'm about two weeks late with linking it up but I couldn't do it overseas. So click here to check it out.

I'm turning comments off this post because I need to return all the comments from my previous couple of posts. I know I haven't been the most engaged blogger this summer, but I'll be working on a research paper all year in 2014, so I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time to blog than I usually do.