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February 15, 2014

London (again) i

London, or as we nicknamed it, Lon-don't-know-where-my-money-went. All the good places to shop and eat put quite a dent in our finances. Anyway, I love London and wouldn't mind living there for a while.

Started off our first full day with a visit to Camden markets.

The British Museum.

We took a day trip to Oxford, which we had good weather for.

It's a super cute town.

By the end of the day I was just really sad that I don't go to uni here.

After we got back from Oxford, we soldiered on to take advantage Tate Modern's late closing time.

Tate Modern is one of my favourite art museums, I would say.

Brick Lane markets on a Sunday.

We visited Dennis Severs' House, which Louise had mentioned in one of her London posts. There's no pictures allowed inside but it was pretty interesting.

Laduree at Covent Garden.

Oxford St.

Accidental unfocused picture, but I love that you can still tell it's London.

Trafalgar Square from the steps of the National Gallery.

Harry Potter Studios at Leavesden!

Seeing the sets and such in real life was pretty awesome, but I've gotta admit I was more excited about the gift shop.

Finally got to taste Butterbeer! It's sort of like creaming soda with vanilla ice cream on top. It's probably not to everyone's taste but I liked it. I wish they had a warm version for winter.

The very photogenic model of Hogwarts, in the snow.

Part ii coming up! Almost finished with my Europe posts, I promise.


  1. haha omg camden market!! how nostalgic, I went to london for the first time about two months ago, it REALLY makes a dent on your wallet haha. most of britain has as I'm from canada... but amazing images you got!!

    Check out my valentines giveaway! :)

  2. I live a 2 hour train journey from London but rarely go as it'll be an expensive visit, I'll spend and spend (and spend!). Also am I seeing that right '£10.30' for a cake? My god! they are like miniature pieces of art though.

    My friend is a huge potter fan and loved the experience at the studios. I've never really got into it, I remember seeing it at the cinema when it first came out on a school trip and really enjoyed it but I must say I've always been more of a Lord of the Rings fan myself! I appreciate all the set design though, it must of been a dream for the staff working on the films. I'm not sure if butterbeer is my sort of thing, is it like a cola float in a sense with the ice cream? If so then I know I won't like it haha

    Haha you're right, all the items in my wishlist are incredibly useful.... thanks for the further temptation Jane! :D Looking forward to part 2 also.

    1. Haha just to reassure you we didn't buy any of the cakes! Just a box of macarons to share (not sure if that's much better). Yeah, butterbeer is basically a butterscotch cola float.

  3. I love your Europe posts! This makes me want to go to London again soon, I haven't been there for years but it's a city that I really like! And of course I want to visit Harry Potter Studios :)

  4. This al sounds and looks so amazing and brilliant and I'm so excited! This trip to London looks so amazing! I must visit Oxford sometime and I totally NEED to visit the Harry Potter studios next time I go to the UK. You went to visit Dennis Severs' house during daytime, I'm intrigued! And very much hoping it wasn't a let down since I recommended you to visit ;)

    I'm in love with all these pictures, especially the Ladurée, Oxford St and unfocused Big Ben one. I hope your Europe pictures never end !! :p (but I'm also looking forward to your China ones though)

  5. Loving your time in London, you captured it well. Been to all these places bar the HP studios. Was it worth the money. The price concerns be slight.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. That sculpture of Hogwarts is amazing! I love looking at pictures of London, it has its own authentic atmosphere and style that's unlike anywhere else.

  7. I'm dying to go to Hogwarts! I really want to visit the studio, I'm a big fan of HP.

  8. I can't believe I haven't been to Tate Modern since 2008. I need to visit soon!
    It's just incredible that when you start living somewhere you get so used to being that, that you forget to see all these beautiful places... I wish I'd done the Hogwarts tour with snow! :p

  9. This was a perfect post. I have had an obsession with England ever since I was 14-15 and have yet visited! And don't we all wish we went to Oxford Uni :P.

  10. I AM SO JEALOUS! I soooo want to go. And I soooo want to go to uni in England too! Haha!

  11. I love your tourist and europe posts, you don't need to feel the need to rush through them... And could you write up how you manage to save or organise your finances. You seemed to be able to survive quite well while you were there without going homeless or starving! AHAH

    1. Haha aw! Well I don't have many tricks or tips, you just have to plan to have enough money to begin with, and using a backpack helps cause it makes you think twice before buying souvenirs/clothes since you'll have to physically carry it.

  12. Even tho I'm not really a beer person,
    that butterbeer sounds delish haha :P
    Thanks for taking us through London!

  13. I went to Camden too,but I haven't visisted the HP studio's! Would love to do that, I loved the books!

  14. I really love the nickname you gave London Jane (haha). Oh, I'm so scared of the financial dent my future trips will leave, but traveling to most of the countries it's not so pricey but it does add on. These are great photos, and I am just fainting looking at the HP photos. My dream!!

  15. Ah, I would have gone nuts at the HP studio. I really need to take a trip to Harry Potter World here in the US. I know a few people who have moved to London, my cousin loved her time there. She moved for a year for her job.

  16. Wow I'm glad you had a nice time in London and amazing photos :)
    One of the things I love about London is that there is so much to do and to explore. Luckily I study in Royal Holloway, University of London, which is only a train away from central London :3

  17. it's nice that there's still a place more expensive than sydney. but how i would love to go to england (or the uk really)! i really like the picture of those tiny heads from the museum haha.

  18. Hahaha, I'd have to say that your nickname for London is very accurate. You were also a few blocks away on Brick Lane from my old flat when I was living in London! These pictures are gorgeous and definitely making me nostalgic!

  19. So glad you fitted a trip to Oxford in, I love it almost as much as London there! Amazed you enojyed butterbeer though - I thought it was yuck!

  20. When I went to London I wanted to go to Tate Modern so badly but unfortunately we did not have enough time =/ I liked London, it rained a little too much for my liking. But I like the scenery, it reminds me a lot of nyc.

  21. aaah London looks amazing as always *v* I've been there 2 times but I can't wait to go there again soon! I haven't been there long enough to just wander around... that's my goal for my next visit. + harry potter studios!

  22. wow beautiful photos :)
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  23. never been to london, but i hope i will go soon ;) nice photos!

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  24. Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! London is number one on my places I would like to visit in the world, and I would LOVE to go to get to see the HP studio tour. Your blog allows me to I'm visit the world without spending a single cent! Beautiful blog, newest follower :)


  25. I loooove this post your pictures of London are beautiful! That blurry arty photo is so pretty, its great how accidental photos can turn out awesome like that!xx

  26. Haha 'very photogenic model of Hogwarts' indeed :P
    I feel the same about Oxford Uni, I visited a few years ago and just loved the small town feel and the stunning architecture. If it weren't for the insanely high qualification standards and brutally difficult entry interviews (I have brilliantly intelligent friends who tried and failed to get passed these!), I'd totally go to Uni there! Xoxo

  27. Beautiful trip, aww I wish travel to London, is one of my travel dreams. Must be amazing. I am from Central America, now living in Costa Rica, so it´s a very long trip from here.

    PS Love harry potter


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