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February 6, 2014

Paris (again) ii

Continuation of the last post.

Our Christmas Eve continues. After we returned from Versailles, we walked around our area (which included Notre Dame).

Mass was happening but they were still letting tourists in, surprisingly.

Had a look in Shakespeare and Co too. It's a nice place but the books are really overpriced. I suppose you go for the concept and experience of the store.

Our Christmas Eve dinner, which we put together from supermarket food (including salad in a bag). Wai Lam was a dear and decorated the table with the Laduree newspaper.

On Christmas Day, we went to Montmartre.

We visited Espace Dali, because Wai Lam is a big fan. I was surprised there weren't more people there, as so many other things are closed on Christmas Day.

Pompidou Center, which was also open on Christmas Day.

Weird hair piece.

Overall, neither of us enjoyed Pompidou much. There was a cool surrealist exhibition, though.

The next day, we checked out the Catacombs. It holds the bones of 6 million people, moved there from overfilled cemeteries.

It's sort of eerie how decoratively they had arranged the bones.

We then went to Musee d'Orsay. No photos throughout most of the museum, but it's really nice inside. I liked it, but we had to rush through it as we needed to catch our Eurostar.

One last look at the Seine before saying goodbye to Paris.


  1. Nice pictures, seems like fun to walk around in Paris!

  2. Eeeeee the Catabombs is freaking me out a little bit!
    Nice pictures again c: Xx

  3. nice bit of surrealism, my fav movement of them all. your photos have so much depth, well into it. Oh yeah the Catacombs, pretty eerie indeedy.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. I've always been fascinated by the Catacombs but don't know if I'd have the guts to set foot down there, haha! I loved these pictures by the way, looks like a Christmas Day well spent :)

  5. Oh I'd love to see the Dali exhibit. I thought I'd be more creeped out by the catacombs but I think because it all seems so decorative, you kind of disconnect from the fact that they're all real bones. Or maybe that was just me.

  6. oozing with jealousy! The streets of Paris look beautiful. You've captured them wonderfully! That black and white photos in the Catacombs is really spooky.

  7. I think you've covered all the tourist attractions in Paris in the two blogposts you did. I'm so jealous, you covered history, art, culture and laduree! AHAH I think you had a more exciting Christmas than I did. I can't wait to go to France. You've really hyped it up with all the photos now.

  8. really beautiful photos, Jane! The facade of the Pompidou Center to me just looks so French for some reason and I really can't explain it. Unfortunately when I was visiting Paris, it was closed. Your photo inside the Musee d'Orsay is just stunning. Beautiful lighting. After looking at all of your wonderful photos, I really want to travel again now!

    rae from lovefromberlin

  9. ohhh never enough of Paris! I have been there once, but I suppose it keeps haunting me through movies and photographs, and I cannot wait to get back there one day, only this time with a camera.

  10. That is quite a lot to take in! The buildings are so so so beautiful, and I love how you captured them at different angles.

  11. I absolutely loved Paris when I went and your photos make me want to discover bit of it all over again, looks like you had so much fun!!xx

  12. Oh my goodness the catacombs look so cool but creepy! I love how you got to to go to so many museums. I tend to avoid museums when traveling, walking around them hurts my feet and give me headaches hahaha.

  13. Ah, I'm so jealous that you went to the catacombs! My friends and I trekked all the way out, and it was closed when we got there, haha.

  14. what a cool place and picture!

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Paris looks like such a lovely place to visit. Fingers crossed I get there sometime in the near future!

  16. finally managed to catch up with all your europe posts, enjoyed them tremendously and put some places on my to-see list thanks to you (charlottenburg palace - never heard of a photographing pass before O.o but will make sure to get one of those!, the german natural history museum, the catacombs and that castle - wow!) also prague! i really felt ashamed i never set foot in germany or the czech republic even though i live a few hours from them.
    looking forward to the rest of your european posts as well as your chinese ones! hope you're having a great time over there! xx

  17. Looks like you had a good Christmas! I would love to go to Paris some day, but there's just so many places to visit!

  18. The Shakespeare and Co shop seems interesting. I like little shops like that although they probably charge so much as they know people will buy into the 'idea' and like you said experience - it doesn't brush off on me though, I'm far too frugal! That surrealist table with the girl is great! I remember at uni I didn't enjoy a lot of exhibitions as nothing really 'clicked' with me, it all seemed really pretentious so I used to wander off to check out some sweet illustrations or something.

    Again you post the best photographs, absolutely stunning.

    In reply to your comment I've remembered each day so far to fill it in as it only requires a couple of words! It'll be funny if I still have my blog in 5 years and do an update on it haha. The Just Draw it Book would be brilliant if you're getting started. My brother covers art when he teaches his students and he's borrowed the book off me numerous of times and they all really enjoy it!

    Katie » Tattyboots

  19. sigh, nothing quite like paris. Lovely set of pictures!

  20. The best photos, as usual. Looks so amazing everywhere :p
    I miss travelling :(

    Joana x When You Dream Big

  21. Aw tres bon Paris! My boyfriend is living in Paris at the moment so it looks like I have created a hit list of places to go from this post. Now I am going to search for your Versailles post- I love Versailles. It's so beautiful!

    Emma x

  22. So envious of your Europe adventures!
    I would love to visit the Catacombs :)


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