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March 26, 2014

Stoker (2013)

Still in a blogging rut, so I'm branching out and giving my poor neglected tv/film tag a bit of a boost. Stoker was one of my favourite movies from last year. It's about an 18 year old girl whose father dies and charming/creepy uncle comes to stay, a sort of twisted coming of age film I suppose. There is so much attention paid to the visuals and atmosphere, but not at the expense of the plot, which was satisfyingly creepy and intriguing. I'd spoiled the twist for myself in advance though, it probably would have been more enjoyable if I hadn't.

Screencaps from here. Not going to lie, one of the main reasons I liked the movie was cause of the main character's outfits. I've been considering getting saddle shoes ever since I watched it.

March 20, 2014

5 Questions

Sort of dropped off unexpectedly there, but for the past two weeks I have hated my blog. I couldn't stand to look at the layout anymore and that first picture of the last post (of Carnaby St) was really getting on my nerves, so everytime I looked at my blog I just closed the window in disgust. So I have now changed the layout and with this post I shall relegate the Carnaby St photo to not-the-first-post status. To be honest I've been in a bit of a blogging/life rut. I have a lot of spare time this year but I still feel busy yet unproductive. I feel restless and itchy emotionally (but physically too because my eczema is flaring up), like I'm running out of time. My god, I'm having a quarter (fifth?) life crisis.

I haven't been doing anything blog-worthy lately so here are some tag questions I stole from Louise, brought to you by a rainbow, my selfie face, some trees, and salted caramel gelato.

01 – What do/did you study in college/uni?
I'm studying medicine right now, halfway through my degree. It's hard and I'm always complaining about it, but there's nothing else I'd do. I know I don't really talk about it here but I don't want to accidentally break any rules with patient confidentiality and such. Plus, it's such a big part of my life I actually like to keep this blog med-free as a reminder that I can do other things too.

02 - Do you have a secret dream you've been putting of to make happen?
I don't have any secret dreams, but I do want to travel South America and Africa. I've been putting it off cause it seems like it would be a lot harder to organise than a Europe or USA trip!

03 – What is your favourite book from your childhood, and why?
I could be cliched and say Harry Potter, but another series I loved was the Anne of Green Gables one. I read the first book when I was 11, and over the years I always come back to re-read the series, so I sort of revisit her at different times in her life as I'm also growing up.

04 – Do you have a favourite artist/artwork/museum? And why is that?
I don't really have a favourite artist or artwork... my favourite art museums are probably the Tate modern in London and MoMA in NYC, because the stuff they have is... fun to look at. Also the Bode Museum in Berlin, right before closing when no one else is there, for the atmosphere.

05 – Name three of the best musicians ever, and what are your favourite songs by them?
I don't have any musician loyalty so I won't claim that they're the best musicians ever but here is a representative sample of what I like right now:
  • Sister Rosetta - Noisettes. I discovered them on the St Trinian's soundtrack, I love their first two albums.
  • Human Being - NONONO. A new band, you might have heard their song Pumpin' Blood.
  • 400 Lux - Lorde. LOVE her right now, even though it's not the kind of music I usually listen to. This album will always remind me of my '13 Europe trip; it's a really good soundtrack for staring out the window on a long train or bus ride.

Here are five questions from me. Do this on your blog! Or just in the comments, if you like.
01 – Last TV show and/or movie you watched, last book you read, last song you listened to?
02 – What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How did it compare to what your ideal breakfast would be?
03 – What's something you're looking forward to in a) a week b) a year?
04 – What's your usual coffee order? And if you don't drink coffee: how do you take your tea?
05 – Post a selfie! Do you have a "selfie face" (as apparently I do)?

I'm going to take my pessimistic self to bed now, I reckon I must be sleep deprived. Maybe I just haven't recovered from going clubbing three weeks ago. Thanks for all the comments as usual, will return them soon! Also, I still have one more Europe post to go, oh dear.

March 7, 2014

London (again) ii

This is the second of my London posts from our trip in December. See the first post here. A lot of these are phone pictures because my back just couldn't handle the weight of my camera any more.

Had a shop down Carnaby street one gloomy day (New Year's Eve, if I recall correctly).

Walked over Westminster Bridge and ate McNuggets while admiring the sun setting behind Big Ben.

So for New Year's Eve, we had a vague plan to follow the "Viewing Area" signs to get a spot for the fireworks. We showed up at about 8.30pm, thinking that we probably wouldn't have much luck (the best places for Sydney's fireworks are filled by noon). But there was literally no one there when we arrived, because, as we learned that night, there is a big difference between waiting hours during summer and waiting hours during winter. No good pictures of the fireworks, which were all right. It had started raining on us and I couldn't feel my feet from the cold, so I was sort of glad when they were over and we could fight our way home through the crowds (lucky we were staying in walking distance).

Tower Bridge on a rainy New Year's Day.

V&A on New Year's day. We also checked out the Science museum. We tried to get into the Natural History Museum but it was pouring and the line was ridiculous.

On our last day, we went to Notting Hill and Portobello Rd. I didn't get to visit the area last time, and it's sooo nice.

We walked past some other tourists who were asking people where the door in "the movie" was, haha. We didn't see it either.

We made our way down to the Tate Britain, because Wai Lam was on the hunt for Francis Bacon artworks.

We only saw part of the museum, but I quite liked it.

We then went shopping in Covent Garden and, after weeks of searching, found Wai Lam the perfect trench coat in Zara, before we headed off for our last dinner in London.

Just Edinburgh left, I think it's about time to wrap these posts up!

March 2, 2014

Sunday chillax

So on Friday night I went "out out", and I think I've filled my partying quotient for the rest of the year because it's Sunday now and I'm still exhausted (obviously I do this often...). So today after I tried to go for a jog in the rain I got cosy in my bed (after showering) with some Sherlock Holmes stories, a cup of tea, and a tiny jar (or two) of Nutella. A fitting start to autumn!