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April 22, 2014

Good Friday for a bike ride

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! We had some glorious weather (didn't feel like autumn at all), so to start the weekend off I decided to cycle down to the nearest beach on my new bicycle.

Perfect skies, not too hot.

First got my energy up with breakfast - first time I've scrambled eggs (I know) and I was shocked at how easy it is. I've been constantly craving scrambled eggs since, might make some again tomorrow morning...

Put on some what I thought were sensible clothes. I found out that denim shorts aren't the greatest cause they ride up and I kept having to awkwardly adjust them. I might stick to leggings and gym shorts and bring out the dresses when I can get on/off more gracefully.

Complete with dorky helmet (which is a legal requirement here).

Cycled down to Ramsgate beach. I was apprehensive as to whether I could make it - Google maps told me 13 minutes, I think it took me about 20.

Looking south, Dolls Point is that way. I decided to cycle in the opposite direction.

Obligatory bicycle with backdrop picture. It proceeded to tip over the second after I took this... so graceful.

Should've pulled up some of the flowers off these weeds and decorated my basket, haha.

You can see the city skyline from here.

I cycled up to Brighton-le-sands, where the shared bike/pedestrian path got a bit too clogged with people.

A pretty bird, not sure what it's called!

I went back the way I came from.

Picked up what I felt was a well-deserved burger on the way home, and ate it while re-watching that week's episode of Game of Thrones.

Sometime I'll ride down the opposite way to Dolls Point. I'm really liking this biking for leisure thing! In my last post, some of my fellow Sydneysiders mentioned that our city and its suburbs aren't very cycle friendly, and it's true - there are no bike lanes where I live. In NSW it's actually law that you're not supposed to ride on the footpath if you're older than 12, but I've been flouting this (obviously not being an asshole and giving pedestrians right of way etc.). There's no way I'm going to go cycle with the cars on this bike, drivers here are notoriously rude and sometimes I'm afraid when I'm also driving. So yeah, I'd rather risk a $55 fine than being hit by a car.


  1. WOW Jane, that's such a beautiful place to bike. Totally worth the 20 minutes. And yes, there's nothing better (and easier) than scrambled eggs in the morning, love it too!

  2. Looks like a fine day and place to bike :]
    I must say, I am glad we don't have to wear helmets in the Netherlands :x

  3. Jealous, I have a beach called Ramsgate near me, and it is not nearly as nice!

  4. That beach looks so great! Is it a surfer's beach or more kid-friendly (calm, small waves?) Did you go in the water on this trip?

    1. It's definitely not a surfer's beach - there aren't any waves here! I didn't go in the water this time, didn't bring a towel or anything haha.

  5. What a grogeous ride - so glad you are loving biking! I am also pretty scared of roads and cars, but biking for fun along cycle paths is so much fun!

    Weirdly I just learnt to make scrambled eggs recently too - had to look up a recipe and everything, but they've since become my go to meal!

  6. I am loving your new bike so much! Cycle paths are rare where I cycle too, although so are footpaths so I just hope my helmet works!xx

  7. How cute is your bike c: You sure had chosen a
    nice path to cycle on ^__^ great pictures! Xx

  8. Sounds similar to the UK, hardly any paths in my town plus £50 fine for being on the pavement. Though I'm always on the road, I'm used to it plus I have a fast bike. My gf has a big old fat tired slow bike a bit like yours, she wears cycling shorts under dresses and it a danger on the road! Helmets are the law over here but I never go without, it's not worth the risk. Great place for cycling by the looks of it.

    Buckets & Spades

  9. How fun! And I can only say, dat burgur!

  10. I love the pun in your title (was it a pun?). GAME. OF. THRONES. He deserved it.

    1. Haha it was a pun. That ep was pretty intense!

  11. I love your bike!! I really want to get one, but I move around so often it makes me not want to have something so bulky to carry around! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  12. Wah, I'm so jealous that you live so close to the beach! My closest beach is a 4-5 hour drive away. Also, I'd much rather get a fine then hit by a car. Hopefully your city will get bike lanes soon.

  13. Love your bike! It's so pretty :DD

  14. it's a blessing to live in sydney/australia with all the beautiful beaches so close by. your photos make me miss sydney so much :(

  15. Scrambled eggs! How did this (not) happen?

    Your bike ride around the beach looks so fun. There is park in Vancouver that is great for biking but there are so many people there I get stressed trying to not hit people or get hit. I understand what you mean about riding on sidewalks. I've tried riding on streets and I get so scared!

    GAME OF THRONES! I'm liking this season a lot.

  16. This looks like such a perfect way to spend a sunny day. And your bike looks lovely!

  17. Sounds and looks like a great day :) I need to get myself a bike! I really like that picture with your bike and yellow shoes! Hmm maybe I need a pair of yellow sneakers as well!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  18. Gorgeous photos on a gorgeous day!

    It's so weird to hear it's autumn down under when our summer is arriving.

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  19. A sydney girl who loves Game of Thrones. Yes yes yes!!! haha :)

    Your bike is beautiful also. You are very lucky! Following your blog my dear.

    p.s. I am hosting a fashion giveaway on my blog for Aus+NZ readers. It would be great if you could enter :-)

  20. Ohh you go to use your bike! Looks like a nice day, and beautiful waters :)

  21. that place is so beautiful! :')

  22. Sounds like a perfect day! If I was a passer by and spotted your lovely bike, I think I would steal it ahah because it's beautiful :p That beach reminds me a bit of my hometown. Scrambled eggs are so easy to make and so delicious, I can't get enough of them! I usually add herbs, shredded cheese and bacon or onions (sometimes mushrooms) to the egg mix ahah
    Oh and the Burger... YUM :)


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