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May 12, 2014

Shoreline cycling

The weather was nice on Saturday, so, I went for another bike ride down by the beach. Last time, I rode from Ramsgate beach up to Brighton-le-sands; this time, I went in the opposite direction, down to Dolls Point.

I think I like this route better. This part of the shoreline is set further away from the road, so you can actually hear the sound of the water, which is so soothing. It just sort of scratches an itch inside my mind (I did once try and download an app that made wave noises that are supposed to lull you to sleep, but it just sounded like someone was stepping in puddles next to my head).

There are lots of places to sit along here too, so I might bring a book and chill out for longer next time.

I'm still so in love with my bicycle. And I finally worked out that the point of a step-through frame is so that you can step through it... duh.

I wonder how much a waterfront house like these would cost.

The bike path takes you through a reserve, and gradually, the water becomes the Georges River.

Getting a bit overcast on the way back.


  1. I wonder how much a waterfront house like these would cost.
    An organ or five, probably (seriously though, the photo looks gorgeous).

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday, and it's great that you've been cycling a lot. :)

  2. This path round here is ideal, really perfect looking. Nice helmet too, Bern?

    Buckets & Spades

  3. such nice pictures. looks so serene. we're hoping to go to the beach in a couple of weeks. crossing my fingers!

  4. That looks really calm. I like how the ocean changes color as the sun sets/or is covered by clouds.

  5. Can we trade places for a few hours?! Haha, seriously though, these are gorgeous shots. I'd totally love to cycle down there!

  6. Gorgeous photos! I've never been to that part of Sydney; it's nice to see something different.

  7. Are we twins? I just wrote about bike riding too! Your bike and my bike should be lovers. They will make beautiful greeny-blue basketted babies.

    Kirsten |

  8. Seriously, cycling alongside the shore is my dreeeeeam. Well, one of many. I love cycling and the beach is always soothing. That app would've been so cool, too bad it didn't quite work. - And can I just say, probably again, how much I love your bike. I hate living in Amsterdam when I see things like this. I want a fancy bike too, without the huge possibility of it getting molested or stolen. Looking forward to more trips like this from you!! :o

    1. Aw that sucks :( I'm still a bit wary of locking and leaving my bike, not because it was very expensive but because it is a bit ostentatious.

  9. so peaceful! by the lack of foot prints in the sand, it looks like you found some isolated places. I like your helmet too!

  10. que bonito sitio
    Primer sorteo en el blog de un vestido para las próximas BBCs. Sin follows ni likes, sólo dando tu opinión. Suerte!!

  11. sounds like a great way to spend the day

  12. Oh my, these photos are beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous photos!
    Looks so relaxing and the beach looks so clean!

  14. Seeing these pictures really makes me want a bike!! I live right along the lake and there is an amazing bike path. The only problem is that it is only warm enough for biking 5/12 months!!

  15. Looks like such a gorgeous bike ride, the water is so clear down under than it is in the UK. Although, what do I expect??!

    Saskia /

  16. wow beautiful shots. love the lighting.
    Really great photos.
    Love it if you would check out

  17. I was just looking at your photos and thinking ... "That looks familiar.." then realised you're a Sydney blogger too! Great shots. I love Dolls Point! I lived there for a little while when I was little =]

  18. Hello! This palce is so amazing ;)
    *new follower in the blog and bloglovin.


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