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June 30, 2014

See you in a bit

Coke Zero coordinating with my outfit / all buttoned down / green and gold manicure for the Socceroos / finally wearing one of the shirts I bought overseas, can't resist a bit of navy matchy-matchy.

I'm off for 9 days to New Zealand tomorrow! We're doing a bit of a roadtrip, hitting up the natural scenery. I've queued up some posts with pictures way overdue from my China trip earlier this year, so it won't be too quiet here. See you soon!

June 28, 2014

Winter Festival

On Thursday evening we had a look into The Winter Festival, which is on in Darling Harbour right now. It's a few food stalls, an ice rink, and a bar tent - I guess it's sort of like Christmas Markets, without the Christmas.

Wai Lam and I got bratwursts (we're still not over German Christmas markets). YY had to get a veggie burger.

No way you could get me on an ice rink anymore, I would probably break my neck.

We then scurried into the warmth of the bar tent, where we met up with an old friend from our Europe trip last December...├╝hwein. Oh how I've missed you.

Some sort of wintry lights display tent.

Then we decided to be bad people and got N2 Gelato. This is the Ferrero Rocher - nutella gelato, with a rice bubbles/chocolate top, and a syringe full of chocolate sauce. Their gelato isn't the best but they always come up with fun combinations.

I'm not sure what our thought process was but we continued to Hot Star Fried Chicken, this Taiwanese chicken takeaway place near World Square, which sells massive pieces of fried chicken (bigger than your face). It was bloody amazing, Wai Lam and I split but we even then had trouble finishing it off. I'm still thinking about it. So good.

June 20, 2014


Hello! I haven't been around much because the World Cup has taken over my life, and I'm always tired from waking up in the middle of the night to watch matches. During the day I'm either catching up on sleep or doing work I was supposed to be doing while sleeping. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got some film from an underwater disposable developed (from this day back in April).

The second pic (that's me!) is my favourite, YY took it.

I also got my first roll of film from my La Sardina developed, but only 8 pictures turned out and they weren't that great or worth posting. I think I might have over/under exposed most of them. Oh well, I'll try again!

June 6, 2014

Endless summer

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's a round-up of all the miscellaneous photos I took over autumn, a.k.a summer 2.0, because the warm weather just wouldn't let up. No kidding, in the last two weeks of autumn it was basically low-mid 20s everyday. I feel totally ripped off, I want to bring out my outerwear! But it's starting to cool down now, finally.

Crazy sky during a sunshower I got caught in on a run.

More waterfront biking.

Hot chocolate at Max Brenner (we got this really thick one that tasted like plastic) / wearing my glasses for a disguise.

Burger feast at The Dip at Goodgod.

Affogato at Oliver Brown. The world needs more chocolate cafes where we can sit for a good 2 hours talking about politics and boys.

Felling down? Head to the local pet store / My favourite phase of the moon (well I like a full moon too).

Tried Anita Gelato at Central Park. It was okay, I need to go again before giving a well-informed verdict / more Max Brenner and disguises.

Feeling super classy in my stripes and trench coat as I make the 2 minute bike ride down to the post box.

Food date with Deborah - bruschetta and chilli cheese fries from Lord of the Fries (don't know why I got a large, we almost died eating all that).

Buildings around World Square / uni uniform.

I love it when they give you bread when you're not expecting it / salted caramel gelato, because I couldn't find salted caramel froyo.

At Pier 2/3 for a Sydney Writer's Festival talk / just a regular day in the CBD.

Pie and mash at Le Pub, because I'd heard they did good pies. It was okay, I still like Harry's Cafe de Wheels better. The pub is sort of French themed, a bit bistro-y, but it was State of Origin that night so more pub-ish than I usually appreciate.

WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE WORLD CUP? I am super pumped, I love the World Cup. I wish I were going this year, but I couldn't get anyone to come with me and I didn't want to go alone. No high hopes for Australia, since we're going in as the lowest-ranked team there and we're in the same group as Spain, the Netherlands, and Chile. But I'm still excited for all the cold 2am nights, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, eating leftover pizza, while watching the matches. I'm hoping there'll be some big screens for the public set up around the city and maybe watch a match or two there, just for a fun atmosphere (and I'm not too keen on sports bars/pubs).

June 1, 2014

Vivid Sydney '14

Another year, another Vivid! It's coming around faster and faster. I went twice in the last week, but the pictures are combined from the two nights so I don't have to bore you with two posts of almost the same thing. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed this year. Maybe the novelty is wearing off? But somehow, I managed to accumulate a load of photos (I can't control myself), so here they are.

They extended Vivid to Martin Place this year. I feel like Martin Place should have more events, all this nice open pedestrian space!

This building was made for this projection, ha ha.

And crossing over to Circular Quay now.

This was simple but I liked how it works with the stairs and columns. It's almost temple-like.

A dance-stage sort of thing. I feel like a lot of the installations this year went for a cheaper way of engaging the visitors.

This was cool though, your shadows projecting and multiplying.

My favourite this year! Giant bunnies. Simple but so bizarre.

I liked the MCA, very trippy.

This was also a cool one. There were microphones and you talk/make noises into them, and light projections come up onto the wall; the higher your voice, the sharper the shapes, and softer lights for deeper sounds.

The Opera House was a bit disjointed and random. There was a cool bit where the history of the Opera House was narrated while the projections made it look like it was being built up.

This is at Darling Quarter, where you can control the lights coming up with a touchscreen.

We sat down to watch the light/water show at Darling Harbour.

It was pretty cheesy really. I like fireworks though, Sydney will come up with any excuse for fireworks.