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July 8, 2014


I'm currently in New Zealand (I'll be back soon!) so I've scheduled some posts about my China trip in January this year.

I love Shanghai. It's one of my favourite cities. This is most likely because my parents are from Shanghai and I visited quite often when I was younger, so I view it through the lens of nostalgia. It's a proper city, you know? Lively, lots of people, shops, things to do and see. When I visited this year, it was my first time in 10 years, so it was interesting to see what things had changed and how quickly they had done so.

My other favourite breakfast - a different kind of fry-up.

Nanjing Rd, a pedestrian shopping strip. There are usually a lot more people (see below) but this was Chinese New Year's Eve I think, so everyone was having dinner with their families.

The skyline of Pudong across the Huangpu river as viewed from The Bund.

The Bund itself.

Mix of architecture, with western influences from British settlement.

Probably one of my favourite places to go at night in Shanghai.

Chenghuang Miao, an old temple district/complex with lots of little shops and food stalls around.

It was all pimped out with lights and decorations for the new year, and loads of people had turned out to see.

Possibly my favourite Shanghainese food.

Nanjing Rd during the day and with the usual volume of people.

Sweets and snacks by weight.

Outside of the building complex where my grandmother lives. The flats are very old now (my grandfather had lived there since he was born) and they're going to be demolished and redeveloped soon.

Fuxing Park. I LOVED this place when I was little.

It's a French-style park as it's in the area where the French Concession used to be.

It's smaller than I remember it being...

Lots of old residential buildings are being knocked down and rebuilt.

A totally unexpected Dali sculpture in a shopping district on West Nanjing Rd (I think)! I have spent enough time with Wai Lam so that I recognised it across the intersection.

Jing'an Buddhist Temple.


  1. Really gorgeous photos!! Chinese cities look so wonderful at night!!
    Bella xxx

  2. the city night lights are incredibly beautiful

  3. Hope your having fun! Love the city night photos. The architecture in many of the photos of older styles are so beautiful.

  4. Stunning photos. A friend of mine just returned from China and said it was a truly amazing experience. I've yet to make it to Asia in my travels but China is on the bucket list. Safe travels in New Zealand.

  5. That Dali sculpture was quite out of the blue indeed!

  6. Yo tiao! <3 I didn't think the soy milk + cruller would be good together, but it is. I also now officially want xiaolongbao, so thanks because I'm still stranded at work. :P Hope you're enjoying your trip!

  7. Takes me back to my trip to China! I would love to visit The Bund at night!

    Emily //

  8. Woah! Shanghai looks like a vibrant throwback to the future! A bit like Blade Runner. Absolutely love the nocturnal photos!

  9. jane!! i'm going to back to shanghai end of this year!! your post came in just the right time, like a prep for me mentally and uhm physically?!...
    anyway more pictures?! enjoy new zealand =)

  10. great pictures, stunning views and lots of yummy things :) i love it <3 and I'm a little jealous;)

  11. so amazing, it's so cool to travel and one day I truly hope I will get to see Asia :)

  12. Wow, what a collection of lovely photos! It's looks like an amazing place and I can't wait to visit Asia :)

  13. I'd love to visit Shanghai! But it's so densed and populated :c and the
    air I've heard, is not so fresh...
    Anyway, thanks for the pictures! Xx

  14. Wow these photos are beautiful I'd love to travel there one dayxx

  15. Love this! I really want to travel to China now, despite the scary articles I've read. Haha.

  16. Wow okay I know my comments are getting redundant but seriously, love the photos. And that fry up breakfast looks like the perfect way to start the day :)

  17. Nanjing Rd looks insanely busy. Really enjoyed this set again, Dali suprise at the end too!

    Buckets & Spades


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