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July 6, 2014

Zhouzhuang & Hangzhou

I'm currently in New Zealand, so I've queued up some posts from my trip to China in January this year.

Here are a few pictures from Zhouzhuang and Hangzhou, two places we visited which were really pretty. This is going to be somewhat of a photodump because I have nothing much to say apart from "pretty!".

A town built on canals, in between Shanghai and Suzhou. One of the places called "Venice of the East". It's a major tourist destination but pretty quiet when we were there. We took a little boat ride through the waterways.

Hangzhou is a pretty big city but its main attractions are scenic. We went on a boat ride on West Lake (a World Heritage site) and also saw the tea fields (Hangzhou is also known for its green tea). I imagine it would be even lovelier in the summer.


  1. Awesome pictures!

  2. These are such beautiful photographs, I'm so desperate to travel to China, especially my boyfriend's family's home of Hong Kong and the rural areas nearby!
    Bella xxx

  3. Again, thank you very much for the pictures c: Xx

  4. I'm loving your China pictures so far, they're gorgeous! I especially love that one with all the koi fish :)

  5. All I can say is "pretty" too. I really want to visit Zhouzhuang from these pics!

  6. it would be such a lovely place to visit with erhem the other half... haha
    thanks for sharing Jane! such beautiful pictures! =D

  7. This is so cool, I never knew it existed and it does look like a "venice of the east" :) Great pictures

  8. So beautiful -your photos make me feel this sad sense of longing.

  9. Scenic porn :) Beyond pretty! I wanna go there but it's so far away, hence, expensive. Maybe someday, I hope.

  10. great photos! i've never been to china before and i guess it doesn't seem like a major tourist destination in australia and not many of my friends have been there, but it does look really beautiful.

  11. China is amazing! I've heard Hangzhou is really nice :)


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