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April 12, 2015

Bateman's Bay

The second day of our roadtrip was spent around the Bateman's Bay area. We woke to the sound of pouring rain, which we didn't look great, but it stopped while we were eating breakfast. We took it as a sign to take advantage of the great outdoors and decided on a likely sounding trail - the Banksia Walk at Burrewarra point.

I guess the cloudy day made for interesting lighting.

Banksias look super weird to me, they look like little furry animals when they're not in full colour.

Lots of good views of the water from this walk.

I don't remember which beach this was.

After all that fresh sea air we went for some lunch in Bateman's Bay proper. What else but fish and chips?

After that, Wai Lam decided she still had room for oysters. We drove over the bridge to a small place where they grow their own oysters and she proceeded to polish off 12 in one sitting while I looked on, horrified. I have lots of photos of her looking maniacal with her oysters but I don't want to scare people away.

Another lookout before we headed back to our accommodation for a nap, catching up on some work, and dinner.


  1. So beautiful, a road trip sounds like the best thing to do right now!

  2. I think the same about Banksia's, especially at night and then it is quite eerie.

    Shame about the weather ,but photos still look good :)

  3. Beautiful photographs as always :)

    Natasha |

  4. That second picture is gorgeoussss. Raw oysters are kinda weird, I kinda like them but I kinda don't. I guess it's an acquired taste!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Amazing sights! And I never say no to fish and chips - one of my favourite dishes.

  6. Beautiful views! Love the water!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  7. Oh my gosh, those views are beautiful! Kinda makes me want to get out for a hike again but then that 11k gives me nightmares ;) and those fish and chips look incredible!

  8. Ah, fish and chips with some lemon. Nothing better ! We really live in a beautiful world, what a gorgeous view !

    xo, Charlie

  9. The Coast of NSW is just the best place to travel, so beautiful!
    I love your travel photos :)

  10. Nice pics!!!follow me on gfc and i follow you back!!!now i follow you on bloglovin and disqus i hope you follow me back!!kiss

  11. Love how you captured the water...amazing photos!

  12. Looks like a wonderful day despite the weather :)


  13. Yum, I can never turn down a chance to have fish and chips! I think I actually stayed near Bateman's Bay when my dad had a camping phase, but your idea of a relaxing trip definitely seems way funner haha.

  14. This looks like a proper adventure/roadtrip! Those oysters look so good, yet still I get a bit sick when I think about the taste. I totally want to get out more now!

  15. Hey Jane did you customized your layout abit? Looks nice c:
    And another great roadtrip post! The 'banksias' reminds me abit
    of the charcoal/ash creatures from Spirted Away :P Xx

  16. I go crazy for oysters. I always have room for them ;)


  17. Great article:) great job!
    maybe you want to follow each other? if yes, please let me know:)


  18. this looks awesome! i would love to see a bit more of australia and just drive down or up the coast with friends but i just haven't done it (for no real reason). i've only seen parts of australia when my parents took me on holiday as a kid but it'd be great to see more of it as an adult and appreciate it a bit more.

    jessica -

  19. Oh wow, such a beautiful location <3

  20. I want to stowaway in your car when you go on these adventures! That's how much I love your pics & blog!


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