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April 10, 2015

Grand Pacific Drive

On Tuesday we set off for our mini-road trip down to Bateman's Bay. We took the Grand Pacific Drive, which is the scenic route that winds through the main attractions and towns along the coast.

You start off going through the Royal National Park. This is the view from Governer's Game Lookout.

Garie Beach, where I couldn't resist taking off my shoes.

Views along the way.

Wai Lam pointed out that this looked like the top of a brownie and I can't unsee it now.

Made it to Wollongong and got some classic ice-cream truck ice creams.

Wollongong's the third largest city in NSW but it doesn't seem that big. A chunk of it seems to be industrial.

We turned around to see clouds creeping in. Didn't look too good.

The pelicans agreed.

After a view of the other light house, we got back on the road just before the rain started pouring down.

Kiama Blowhole. It's basically a hole in some rock on the shore and when a wave comes in a certain way sometimes the water blows up. It was pouring rain and even in the storm I had to wait a bit before seeing a good big one.

We drove on through the rain to Hyam Beach in Jervis Bay. It's a famous white sand beach, but unfortunately it was still pouring so the sand was damp and just looked like normal sand.

It was strangely eerie, though.

Hope! In the form of a patch of blue sky.

We retired to the car for a snack break and returned for another peek when it stopped raining.

After we left Hyam Beach we ended up stuck in a traffic standstill for about an hour and a half on the Princes Highway because of an earlier accident. So that was all the exploring that was done for that day before we (finally) got to Bateman's Bay. More pictures to come!


  1. You are so good at camera things. Also gurl, when are you NOT traveling around somewhere? You make me feel like a big fat slob, sitting here on my arse in my pancake-print pyjamas. (Ooh, alliteration). Seriously though. Beautiful pics, especially the one of the pelicans. I love me a pelican.

    Kirsten |

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It looks so pristine and clean. I'm reading this at work right now and it makes me want to go swimming :)

      Are people able to climb down and stand on top of "Brownie" rock? Also, love your Breton top; it is a very appropriate beach/sea outfit.

    2. I'm not sure if there is a way to climb down onto there! Swimming would've be nice but it's starting to get a bit too cold for that now. Picked my breton top especially haha!

  3. Some views those! The pelicans agreed, take cover asap. You'd be an ace tour guide.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. What a great excursion. I would love to go on a similiar road trip. Great pics!

  5. So beautiful! There's nothing like an ice cream during a coastline walk :) The chocolate-y one looks delicious.

  6. it's as if you had the bay all by yourself! thanks, now i gotta arrange some road trip!


  7. Such a beautiful place! I wish New York had places like this. Most, if not all of the beaches/waterfronts are covered in litter ;( Kiama blowhole kinda reminds me of a geyser, though I haven't seen either in person before.

    becky ♡ star violet

  8. Ahh, this makes me really miss Australia.

  9. WOW!! Now THAT is a beach! No pebbles :)

    Wonderful photos. Is this place always so quiet or is it because of the weather?

    1. It's getting a bit cool lately, I'd say it'd generally be much more crowded on a hot day!

  10. Another beautiful capturing of your Aussie beaches!
    I also love how 'empty' it was c: Xx

  11. Oh wow, gorgeous photos...this looks like an amazing road trip! The ocean, the sand, the big blue is all so beautiful!

  12. such nice pictures! i love the one with the 2 birds!

  13. Oh those classic ice creams! It makes me yearn for summer and roadtrips and just go out more. Interning and graduating is not for me haha! Only a few months left! And I have your pictures to help me keep sane! ;)

  14. I crave for days like this :) including the ice cream!


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