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May 9, 2015

Countryside bound

I haven't been in a blogging sort of mood this week! I'm feel a bit unmotivated, probably because I haven't got anything to really post about - I'm trying to cut down shopping and going/eating out to save money (besides, I really should be studying). I've been feeling content with the routine though - come home, have dinner, study in bed with a cup of coffee, read a bit, sleep.

I guess a change of scenery might help get things going and - how convenient - I'm off to do my month-long rural surgery term tomorrow in a small town up in northern NSW, a 7 hour-or-so drive from Sydney. I'm looking forward to doing some national park exploring, and maybe a weekend trip to Byron Bay if I can muster the energy.

Here is a last bit of Sydney as a round-up before I leave (my friends say I make it sound like I'm leaving forever).

The city at dusk.

Dollar dog night at the Soda Factory on my birthday a few weeks ago.

My favourite place in Sydney.

My favourite pan-fried pork buns at Taste of Shanghai.

Tacos, quesadillas and margaritas last night at Los Vida, a Mexican restaurant I didn't realised existed at the top of Westfield Sydney.

"Jane, are you taking a photo of the moon? You realise you're going to be able to see the moon there as well, right?"

I'm sad that I'll be missing most of Vivid (making it back just in time for the last weekend though!), Eurovision fun (as Australia is in it this year I wanted to watch it live with friends), a Matildas match I wanted to go to, and the opening of Muji (which I strongly suspect will still be there when I get back). Anyway, as I'm taking my laptop and camera and everything, look forward to seeing my country bumpkin life updates!


  1. awesome!

  2. When is Eurovision and how are countries not in Euro in it these days? madness. Dollar dog day yes!

    Buckets & Spades

    1. 20-something of May I think? Haha I don't know why they're letting Australia in it, apparently we're like the biggest viewing audience outside of Europe or something.

  3. wow looks amazing, can understand that you are going to miss it

    Love Imke

  4. hahaha your friends' statements are funny!
    good luck in your new environment! x

  5. have fun!

    eurovision. i can't believe it's a thing

  6. Say what, I never knew that Mexican restaurant existed either! Good luck and have fun on your surgery term by the way :)

  7. I was flabbergasted hearing Aussie joining an EU song vision haha ;P
    Have a great stay and time in Sydney!! Xx

  8. Looking forward to seeing your countryside adventures, all the food in Sydney looks incredible!

  9. Those buns look delicious and like something I'd like to try to cook.
    Have fun!


  10. good luck for the upcoming term! oohh muji opening. there goes my money.
    can't wait to see more of your adventures out there!


  11. Great shots! Those pork buns are making me so hungry! Good luck with your rural surgery term!


  12. sounds cool.. a bit of counrty adventure.

  13. Hope you enjoy your time at the countryside and return with loads of photos

  14. I wish you an enjoyable month away! Have fun!


  15. Happy belated birthday, and best of luck on the surgery term. And boy, bed is seriously the best place anywhere, haha.

  16. Happy belated birthday! And those pork buns look so yum. :)

  17. Love the little round up, happy belated birthday, and safe travels! I have never been to Byron bay (let alone anywhere in Australia) but it's definitely on my list of places to visit. Just from seeing on the photos on instagram, I kind of already know that I am in love with the place.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  18. ahh, a month in the country actually sounds amazing! i mean apart from what i'm sure will be an intense amount of work and missing a bunch of cool things, it would be really nice to get away for a month and just do your own thing. also i went into muji yesterday and it was huge and wonderful and i'm so glad we finally have one!! and happy birthday too! :)

    jessica -

  19. Great photos...I definitely can see why you will miss it there! Looking forward to seeing photos from your rural experiences! :)


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