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May 31, 2015


On Saturday I decided to check out the beaches at Yamba, which is a small town about an hour away from Grafton, as I'd heard it was nice there. It was more a case of wanting to go somewhere, rather than actually wanting to go to Yamba itself.

On the way, I stopped for breakfast at Botero at Maclean, which is famous for its coffee. To be honest, my tastebuds aren't refined enough to be able to tell what good coffee is, but it was nice.

Yamba is then about 20 minutes down the road. If your town has a lighthouse, I will find it!

I spotted a beach from the hill and wandered down.

I saw people walking on the breakwall and I wanted in as well.

The lighthouse, where I'd walked from, in the distance.

On the way back I stopped at Maclean lookout, which I'd forgotten to check out in the morning.

Driving through those rolling green fields and hills is actually quite nice.

I feel like I've done too many seaside picture posts in the last two months. This is my last week here, I'm driving back to Sydney on Friday, definitely looking forward to getting home!


  1. You always seem so close to the most picturesque places.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. It all looks so beautiful, I'd love to be so close to the beach!

  3. It looks like you had such an amazing day! I absolutely love lighthouses too!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  4. You've seen a lot of the coast recently but it's gorgeous so why the hell not!? Safe driving home!

    Megan ||

  5. this is so beautiful! and that breakfast looks delicious

    Little Blue Backpack

  6. I don't think there ever can be too many seaside posts from you, don't worry about it ! But then again I'm an absolute fan of seaside towns, so maybe I'm not quite fit to comment on that subject. ;)

    xx, Charlie.

  7. Amazing post my dear <3 !

  8. Don't worry I love your seaside pictures and your stories about it c:

  9. These beach photos are so looks like such a peaceful place!

  10. aww, this looks like such a fun little day out by yourself! i'm sure some times may have felt a bit lonely and isolating but once you get used to it being alone in a new place is really cool, especially when you make time for little day trips like to to explore the country a bit more. i'm actually really jealous because i'm stuck in sydney and going away anywhere sounds like fun right now!

    jessica -

  11. Beautiful photos! wonderful view :)

  12. Gorgeous pictures. Your breakfast looks delicious! x

    Under Blue Lights

  13. Another great photo series of landscapes. And the food looks yummy!

  14. I need to do this sort of thing more. Just do some research on where is nice and grab my camera and go. You've actually just inspired me to like plan a trip like these every once and a while. :)


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