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June 24, 2015

In my bag

Here's the what's in my bag post that I've been meaning to do since the beginning of the year! It's more what's-in-my-bag-when-I'm-on-the-wards-and-I've-left-most-things-in-my-locker. Most female doctors and med students carry a little cross-body bag, because the pockets in women's clothes are pathetic (I'm sure it's part of a larger conspiracy to make us buy bags). This one is from Fossil (the Sydney crossbody), I picked it up in Macy's in San Francisco last year knowing that I'd need something like it, and it hasn't let me down yet.

  • Diary for my endless to-read-up-on lists. This one is from Muji, I really like the format.
  • Various promotional pens. I will sign up to anything if you give me a free pen (black ink and clicky please).
  • Muesli bar. I'm always hungry and they're easy to steathily cram into my mouth. I'm addicted to these Carman's ones.
  • My boring black stethoscope that I'm half hoping I'll lose or break so I have an excuse to buy another one in a fun colour. Why was I so boring in first year?
  • Lip balm and phone (with dodgy ebay phone case).
Of course, I've forgotten things. Like my car keys (I don't like to leave them in my locker, in case I need to make a fast escape) and emergency coffee money.

June 18, 2015

Hello I'm alive

... but only just. The past two weeks have involved 5.30am alarms (damn surgical ward rounds), combined with the failure to get myself into my bed earlier at night, so I'm living a kind of zombie existence right now. I've had a bad few days - you know the ones when you're feeling confused and incompetent about everything, and your brain is mush, and you know you could do better but can't be motivated to try? Yeah. I'm ready for my mid year break, but since I have to wait another couple of weeks for that I gave myself an undeserved night off yesterday.

After a hot chocolate and a bit of reading, a double rainbow (which I'm sure all Sydneysiders saw twenty times on their Facebook feeds), a disgusting (in a good way) burger and fries with cider, and popping in to see YY's Honours exhibition, I'm feeling slightly less undead. I will continue trying to resurrect myself so that I can maintain some sort of semblance to a regular posting schedule here.

June 8, 2015

Vivid '15

The Vivid Sydney light festival is a firm yearly tradition for me now. Luckily, my rural placement ended just before the last weekend of Vivid, so after 8 hours of driving back down here on Friday, I jumped straight on the train into the city (knowing full well that it was going to be horrendously crowded).

Customs House, which was a cute narrative-ish projection this year (with very Harry Potter sounding soundtrack).

The, MCA which I always find hard to photograph nicely.

I liked how they worked with the details of the facade.

Tunnel with animal scenes being projected and narration by David Attenborough.

This was an awesome tent thing with a mirrored ceiling and projections on the walls.

I wasn't really into the Opera House this year. I like it when they integrate the sails more.

This was inside a shipping container, with mirrored walls and lights that changed colours.

This was fancy, the light sticks made up different words which you could make out as you walked around it.

Am I glad to be back in Sydney! Not to knock the town where I was - everyone there was lovely and it was a great experience - but I'm a city girl at heart. It's the energy of a big city that recharges me. I need a place with lights and crowds and tall buildings and noisy traffic and diversity, where I can be anonymous and yet not feel lonely. I'm never going to complain about this city again, I swear!

June 4, 2015

Saddle up

I have been gently wearing in the saddle shoes I got for my birthday over the last few weeks. The shoes themselves haven’t given me any problems, but I need better low socks to wear with them – ones that don’t slide down as you walk (inspiring a special kind of rage). They’re from Bass and I chose the sandshell and black, rather than white and black, so that they’d be easier to wear. In terms of sizing, these are a US 7.5 wide and they fit like my usual 39.

UNIQLO t-shirt and jeans / Bass saddle shoes.

UNIQLO t-shirt / Jeans West jeans / Bass saddle shoes

UNIQLO sweatshirt / Just Jeans jeans/ Bass saddle shoes

The weather here was pretty mild the past few weeks. I’m driving back down to Sydney tomorrow, and I see potential for winter-coat weather in the forecast! I’m excited to get back into the city and scramble to check out Vivid before it’s over. Good thing there's a long weekend so I can get my life back together!