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June 4, 2015

Saddle up

I have been gently wearing in the saddle shoes I got for my birthday over the last few weeks. The shoes themselves haven’t given me any problems, but I need better low socks to wear with them – ones that don’t slide down as you walk (inspiring a special kind of rage). They’re from Bass and I chose the sandshell and black, rather than white and black, so that they’d be easier to wear. In terms of sizing, these are a US 7.5 wide and they fit like my usual 39.

UNIQLO t-shirt and jeans / Bass saddle shoes.

UNIQLO t-shirt / Jeans West jeans / Bass saddle shoes

UNIQLO sweatshirt / Just Jeans jeans/ Bass saddle shoes

The weather here was pretty mild the past few weeks. I’m driving back down to Sydney tomorrow, and I see potential for winter-coat weather in the forecast! I’m excited to get back into the city and scramble to check out Vivid before it’s over. Good thing there's a long weekend so I can get my life back together!


  1. Those shoes are so cute! They're not the saddle shoes of my childhood...although if they were you could wear them with lacy socks!


  2. Ugh, I love all these looks but I like the sweatshirt one the most! Just curious why you say sand/black is an easier wear combo?

    1. I feel like the contrast is a bit more subtle! So a bit less accidentally costumey, I feel.

  3. I really like these shoes, I wear my own saddle shoes (black and white) constantly. I think I like with the striped top most. X

  4. Oh gosh, aren't slippery socks the worst? I love the shoes though, I tried DIYing some canvas saddle shoes a while back but yours definitely look way better!

  5. Socks that slide down are surprisingly quite rage inducing, which is why I'm switching the majority of my socks over to the ones that go over the ankle. I actually really like some of the sock pattern/design peeking out, hehe. Long weekends are the best - hope it'll be a productive one for you!

    becky | star violet

  6. Vivid looks incredible... please please take some pics! You should go into the sock business ;)

  7. Wow already?! Seems as though you just left !

  8. Wow already?! Seems as though you just left !

  9. those shoes, i covet! really like the last combo omg <3 have a great weekend!


  10. Those shoes are so cute! I love saddle shoes! :)

  11. I love the last look. Nice shoes! Have a great time back in Sydney.


  12. They are gorgeous! Add something super special to a casual outfit! :)

  13. Love your saddle shoes. I've started wearing mine with some slightly longer socks, I'm really feeling that look right now for some reason (socks with sandals, socks with everything!!)

  14. Hello,

    Amazing looks ! :D



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