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August 30, 2015

Rabbit Hole

Last week, we had a birthday get together for a friend at Rabbit Hole a bar which is just slightly too pricey to go to on the regular. The mains weren't much to write home about but we did discover they have these damn amazing parmesan truffle chips which are massive and almost like wedges, and a really nice cocktail called the White Cloud which had marshmallow foam on top. Would return for those.

August 25, 2015

Los Angeles iii

The last batch of photos from December last year. Part i here and Part ii here.

After the Getty, we went to Santa Monica Pier.

Like the tourists we are, we ate lunch at Bubba Gump. Does this count as a cultural experience?

Then we took the bus down the road to Venice Beach.

We hung out and watched the buskers and skaters for a while. Byron Bay reminded me a bit of Venice Beach.

The Venice canals.

Took a stroll down Abbott Kinney boulevard, where there are loads of hip restaurants, but we were still too full from our ridiculous lunch. Rachel, I let you down! Another one for next time.

On Christmas Day, we went down to Disneyland. It was both a good and bad idea, good because it was the only thing that seemed to be open on Christmas Day, and bad because it was packed for that reason.

One of the stupidly expensive food items we bought that day.

Disneyland had been on my list from when I was little until about age 15. At 21, it wasn't really a must-see anymore, but since we were in the general area... I probably won't go to another Disneyland though, I'm just past the phase of enjoying theme parks.

The lines for everything were so long that in the end we only made it onto about three rides that day.

Shivered for about an hour, waiting for the fireworks (while Jenny gnawed on one of those turkey legs).

That wraps up my LA posts! Unfortunately/fortunately I still have photos from San Francisco to go, but we'll save those for another rainy week.

August 20, 2015

Los Angeles ii

More photos from the trip in December last year. Part i here.

We got up to Griffith Observatory just in time for golden hour.

I can't believe my hair was so long back then...

After this was a series of bad decisions and misjudgements which found us walking all the way down the hills in the pitch black for about 40 minutes. Don't ask. It was terrifying. I'm never going to LA without a car again.

The next day, recovered from that trauma, we went to the Getty Center.

I love the setting and architecture of this place.

The way the buildings frame and open up to the view over LA just works so well!

Yeah, we did go inside to look at some art too.

The weird trees they have in the garden weren't really to my taste, though.

It wasn't something I was expecting, but LACMA and the Getty Center are now two of my favourite art museums out of the big ones I've been to. We didn't make it to the Getty Villa, so that's one for next time (when I'm back with a car).

August 16, 2015

Los Angeles i

Just to be clear, no, I did not recently sneak off overseas. These are the neglected photos I took from our trip in Decemeber last year, and I thought that I'd better post them before I forgot completely.

I am going to stretch out the LA photos over a leisurely two or three posts but my main impressions were 1) I thought Sydney winters were mild until I was in LA in what I believed was the dead of winter and I was walking around in shorts and no jacket, and 2) maybe I was just working up a sweat from walking at all because LA is so spread out and we weren't driving. As it doesn't have a dense public transport network, we ended up using Uber a lot. Probably best explored by car, but we both felt like driving on the other side of the road in big-city traffic would've been too stressful!

We stayed in Hollywood.

First breakfast. I'd forgot that sausage means something different in America!

While Jenny shopped at The Grove, I went to check out LACMA.

I didn't get good photos of the general setup of the museum, but I really liked the layout of it.

The famous street lights (i.e. Urban Light).

I really enjoyed LACMA overall - I wish I'd brought my DSLR along (at that point of the trip my back was aching).

Tempted, but resisted.

Because we were saving room for this.

The next day, we took the metro downtown and I left Jenny at Macy's (sense a theme here?) to go and see the LA Museum of Modern Art only to find that it was closed that day. Blip in planning... but at least the Walt Disney Concert Hall was across the road.

Took some photos before trekking all the way back.

While we were downtown, we hit up all the attractions there. The Bradbury Building was pretty cool to see, since we'd studied Blade Runner in high school.

It was looking decidedly more cheerful when we were there.

Grand Central Market, this awesome food market across the road. Can someone convert Sydney's Paddy's Markets into this?

Ended up with the most loaded tacos of my life.

The Last Bookstore. I love big, non-chain bookstores like these.

More (and nicer photos) coming up! I've also installed Disqus to keep me accountable for replying to comments, hopefully it manages to import everything and starts working properly soon.