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September 9, 2015


The latest addition to my family, my new weapon of choice.

The Sony A6000. Look at how small it is! So dainty! So elegant!

I'd been thinking about getting a mirrorless camera for about two years. My trusty Nikon D40, now in its seventh year of life, has never let me down, but it came to the point where the quality payoff vs. the weight and size wasn't worth it anymore. My iPhone camera is almost as good in bright lighting and less conspicuous to use. However, I'm never 100% pleased with my phone photos, and I still wanted to be able to have more control (and lens options) than what a point-and-shoot would give me, so a mirrorless was the natural choice. I went with this one because it has an APS-C sensor, (electronic) viewfinder, a built-in flash and was generally well reviewed.

I'm really excited about taking this travelling this summer (no more back spasms!), and will probably have it on me a lot more often than my DSLR was. I've got a prime lens all picked out as well, but I'm holding back for when I've used it a bit more and know what I need. I will take it out for a walk tomorrow and will be back with photos!

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