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September 13, 2015

Ko & Co

Ko & Co is a soju bar with Korean/Mexican food that I came across while browsing for new places to eat. It's tucked into a part of Surry Hills I hadn't been to before (as Deb, Waka and I found, it's a comfortable distance from Messina on Crown St - short enough so that it's not a trek, long enough to feel like you've walked off the gelato). It was early on a Tuesday evening when we went, so it was deserted, but it has a nice setup which would give it a good atmosphere when there are a few more people around.

Terrible photos I know! The fried chicken (hiding in the shadows) was really good. The Korean BBQ beef taco I got was okay, but whenever I eat tacos I freak out about the mess I'm making. The kimchi fries I enjoyed, but I enjoy all fries. I also got the cold press watermelon soju, which just tasted like watermelon juice. $9 watermelon juice.

I'm definitely going to try and find an excuse to go back for the fried chicken and a beer (or cocktail, if I'm feeling spendy), and maybe the kimchi fries to share (I'm not planning to share the chicken).

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