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September 16, 2015

Second chances

I was pining after this parka all winter. It first caught my eye when I was walking through the men's section of Uniqlo, and I stopped to admire its many pockets, as well as complain about how women's clothing never seems to be made to be as practical. Then I made the fatal mistake - I tried it on.

But still, I persevered. I don't need a light jacket. There is no room in my life for a jacket like this I thought to myself as I clicked onto the website at least once a week to gaze at it. I thought I was going okay until I was window-shopping in the city Uniqlo one day and saw that they had sold out of my size and preferred colours, and in a classic want-what-you-can't-have moment, realised that I should have bought it all along.

However, not all hope was lost! Uniqlo in Miranda is not far from me, and I told myself that if they had it in stock there, I would buy it. And they did! I kept the tags on for a week and tried it with every outfit I wore each day to make sure it would work with my wardrobe before I could finally bring myself to cut them off.

UNIQLO parka, t-shirt, jeans (I need to be stopped) / Dune boots / Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

The inside pocket! It's massive! I've seen guys put newspapers into their inside pockets and I've wondered how... this is how! The outer pockets all have velcro closures as well, so my pocketable items have never felt so safe.

And that is the latest story from my love life. In its usual frustrating way, the winter to spring transition here has gone pretty quickly and jacket weather is pretty much over now. But I am planning on getting good wear out of it for travelling this summer.

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