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October 4, 2015

Breaking even

In my last midsem break I did an aggressive wardrobe clean-out. I grappled with my sentimentality and won, for the most part. I managed to bring myself to donate a lot, but I had a pile of nicer items that I thought would be worth trying to sell. So, like many before us, my friends and I did a stall at Glebe Markets yesterday.

Our stall, me, and my awesome bum bag. It was sweltering yesterday, we lucked out with a shaded spot.

Random shot on the way from the car park.

We had visions of our things just flying off the racks and making $200 each, however, it turned out that nobody wanted the clothes we didn't want (surprise). We ended up marking everything down to $5-$10 and just broke even, but proceeded to spend most of our profits on dinner. When it came to money earned per hour, it was probably the hardest job I've had. To make ourselves feel better, we came up with some reasons why it wasn't a total waste of a day:

  • We got closure for the clothes we didn't want (we ended up putting most of our unsold stuff straight into a donation bin).
  • It's given us insight into how hard it could be to sell things for a living, especially for smaller businesses.
  • We now know that we should never try this again.
I feel a lot better about my wardrobe now, even though I did hold onto a small proportion of unworn things (against my better judgement). Now I don't have to face the ghosts of my previous bad decisions taunting me every time I slide open the door. It's definitely made me ruthless with getting rid of things too, I can still think of a couple of items that aren't safe yet...

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