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October 12, 2015

Night Noodle Markets '15

We paid a visit to the Night Noodle Markets in a relatively timely manner this year. It's an Asian themed food market that's held in Hyde Park every October. I was expecting a nice summery Sunday evening but unfortunately it was pouring rain... but at least it was a lot less crowded than when we visited last year.

I kind of reluctantly got in line at One Tea Lounge for their "Baogers" (just typing that makes me cringe). Bao are the next big thing, by the looks of it. We got three of the savoury sliders: you can mix and match the ramen, rice and matcha buns with beef, pork and chicken fillings, and three of the ice cream sliders: two green tea and one black sesame. I thought they were going to just be gimmicky, but they were amazing. Especially the buns on the dessert sliders, I think I could eat them straight.

Sweet potato balls from the stall next door, which sounded promising but weren't that great.

Corn ice-cream sundae from Devon Cafe, which was not to my taste either.

Ramen fried chicken from Everybody Loves Ramen. I'm not exactly sure where the ramen was, but according to Wai Lam it was there. Pretty ordinary as well.

Everything was kind of overpriced as usual, so best bet is to take a bunch of people and split everything for a taste. You can check out the menu for this year here, if you want a plan of action. I'd go back for the dessert sliders from One Tea Lounge (but a look at their site tells me they also do them at their main restaurant). Also a shout-out to my friends for being fabulous hand models and letting me take photos of everything before digging in.

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