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November 20, 2015


Exam done and dusted! Phew. I can't believe that was a year's studying for 30 minutes' worth of questions. Anyway, after an exam I like to go into the city, get an unhealthy lunch and do some window shopping.

What I wore. It was a face to face exam, which is why I had to dress somewhat smartly (also I need proper armour if I'm going to be grilled mercilessly on brain anatomy). Mirrors courtesy of H&M (didn't end up buying anything).

Martin Place Christmas tree. It was blazing hot today.

I went to Starbucks and treated myself to a peppermint mocha frappuccino, and did a bit of reading without the cloud of I-should-be-studying-right-now hanging over my head. Felt good.

This is the last post from real-time me until January! I'm off in two days and won't get onto a computer until I'm in Europe, but I've got a bunch of posts queued up. Have an amazing December!

November 13, 2015

Seven Wonders of (the parts of) the World (I've been to)

You've probably heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in addition to a bunch of other lists of wonders with various methods of categorisation. In trying to come up with reasons to re-post my old favourite photos, I've decided on my own list of seven wonders; places which photos and words don't do justice.

1. The roadtrip to Milford Sound. Milford Sound itself is amazing, and has been described as another wonder of the world, but the road there from Te Anau is almost as good.

2. The view of NYC from above. I was expecting it to be good, but I was totally blown away the first time I saw this view from the Top of the Rock. The sheer density of Manhattan is crazy.

3. Charles Bridge at sunrise. We thought crossing this bridge on the way to Prague Castle was going to take about thirty seconds, but we ended up bouncing off the walls here for about half an hour.

4. Iguassu Falls. The Brazilian side, sorry Argentina! You don't even need to look at it, you can just close your eyes and soak up the mist and feel the energy.

5. The Great Wall of China. It runs up into the hills and off to the distance, and I only visited this one section. I can't wrap my head how around how they built this.

6. Christ the Redeemer. This is the view from Sugarloaf but I mean the statue itself. I just love how it sits up in the mountains, looking over the city.

7. Whitehaven Beach. The water is ridiculously clear and the sand is ridiculously fine. The rest of the Whitsundays isn't bad, either.

November 10, 2015

Wardrobe leftovers

I've been procrasti-packing instead of studying, and with all those clothes clean and folded and ready to go, I've been wearing what I can from what I'm not packing. Luckily I haven't been seeing anyone I know so I've just been repeating outfits to run errands and "study" in cafes.

ASOS tshirt / Jeans West jeans / Evolution tote bag / Saltwater sandals.

When you feel happy about your outfit all day, come home, take photos of it, edit the photos, upload them, write the post, and then you realise it's the most basic outfit in the world... Whatever! Someone complimented those sandals today. Also showing these jeans some love after being in a black jeans mood all winter.

November 6, 2015

Out of patience

Trying to keep the nose to the grindstone now that exams are two weeks away, but I've been distracted trying to get myself organised for the trip (that I'm leaving for two days post-exams. Great planning, Jane). This morning I had to sort out my UK visa, which, by the combination of annoying bureaucracy and my own stupidity has been insanely stressful and expensive. After that, I put in a good two hours of cosy studying in Starbucks, which has started its Christmas drinks (I'm a sucker for a peppermint mocha frappuccino). I've been spending a lot of money on coffee, because studying in cafes is the only way I can get myself to focus (bar the occasional people-watching distraction).

It's taken me an hour to try and put this post together, because technology has been failing me at every stage (from phone to editing to uploading). So now I'm going to go to bed a very grumpy person!

November 2, 2015

Dressed up, nowhere to go

Happy Halloween! Halloween isn't big in Australia like the US (no one really trick-or-treats) but it does kind of exist in the general consciousness and clubs/bars do have themed events here. We didn't aim to go to any, so we just had a usual catch-up (roaming the city and eating), vaguely in costume.

We ate dinner at El Loco, where they were giving out temporary tattoos.

I was Rosie the Riveter. I spent ages trying to tie the bandana properly but I gave up in the end.

I got my customary beef taco and a quesadilla (always hits the spot).

We then walked into the city, with Wai Lam suggesting that we go to Chinatown to get these custard puff things which apparently everyone loves.

She'd painted Van Gough's Starry Night over her face!

Mel's effort.

These were okay I guess. Kind of like puffy pancakes with a tiny bit of custard in the middle (I was told there usually is more). They'd be a good snack with a coffee (and pretty cheap too - 15 for $4 I think it was).

Rosie and Harry.

The others had a hankering for Aqua S. I got the blood orange and sea salt. Wai Lam continues getting the fairy floss, even though it never fails to melt off halfway through.

I feel like Halloween's getting more popular here. Maybe a party next year? And I'll dress as something properly scary.