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January 20, 2016


I think I've been most excited to post the photos from the safari I went on in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater! One of the reasons I chose to go to Tanzania was because I was dying to go on safari, so this was one of the coolest weekends of my life. We spent two days in the Serengeti and our third day in the Ngorongoro crater.

A lookout point over Lake Manyara National Park. The scenery on the way to the safari areas is so beautiful.

Another lookout point, over the Ngorongoro Crater. We did a drive through there on the third day, which will be the next post.

Hello! Spotted this creature before we were officially in the park.

A view over the plains. The name Serengeti means "endless plains", and you can see how flat and far it extends.

Shortly after driving through the gates we were welcomed by this handsome young man.

I think we interrupted his nap, though.

Another of the big cats - a cheetah.

Lionesses lounging on a rock.

We'd been hoping to find elephants all day and towards the end of it this gang of youths literally ran across our path.

Some species of storks in a tree.

Set up camp and thus began the most terrifying night of my life. Camps in the Serengeti are apparently not fenced. I was kept up most of the night by hyenas cackling right in the middle of our campsite; apparently there was also a lion but I didn't hear it (I would probably have wet myself).


More lionesses. I wish I had a zoom lens!

One of my favourite scenes from the safari - a line of giraffes walking in the distance. I love the way they move - so graceful.

More cheetahs.

A baby.

Wildebeest. Remember that photo above of the flat plains of the Serengeti?

This is the same place, a day later, absolutely covered in wildebeest literally as far as the eye could see. We'd managed to catch the great migration, where more than a million wildebeest move from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Shortly after we set up camp for the night, this elephant just wandered into the campsite and began drinking from the water tank... which was totally awesome, but also begged the question of what would have stopped it from squashing us all...

I ended up sleeping much better that night, as there were no hyenas. I did wake at around 3am to the sound of munching just outside of the tent... turns out there had been a herd of water buffalo in the camp.

More safari in the next post! I'm currently in Lisbon. I will probably have a backlog of posts enough to last me the rest of the year. Hope you guys are having a good January!

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