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January 13, 2016

Zanzibar i

On our first day in Arusha, we went into town and booked plane tickets to Zanzibar, where we spent our first weekend. Zanzibar is an island (or two main islands, rather) off the coast of Tanzania, famous for beautiful beaches and Stone Town. We spent our first day and night on the beach at Nungwi, which is white sand and beautiful. There was definitely something magical about the lighting there.

Postcard perfect!

We relaxed on the beach as the sun set.

The next morning, we were up in time for sunrise - mainly because we didn't sleep much from the heat.

Having breakfast on the beach.

This looks a bit weird, I know, but there were heaps of cows on the beach...

We also walked a little way into the village where the locals live.

It was interesting to see how it contrasted with the resort area of the beach.

After a bit more relaxation, we caught a taxi down to Stone Town - that's for the next post!

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