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February 22, 2016


On the Sunday a week ago, I did a day trip to Bath (the day after Salisbury - it was the weekend of aggressive daytripping). Unlike the day before though, it was sunny (with the occasional stubborn cloud). The main attractions in Bath I guess are the Roman Baths and the curved rows of houses at the Circus and Royal Crescent. Otherwise, it's such a pretty place that I enjoyed just walking around. Just note, I was disorganised and bouncing around the place all day, I wouldn't recommend this geographic order of visiting things!

The Circus is a circular configuration of houses. It's cool in real life but kind of a photography nightmare.

Bath Abbey.

The Roman Baths. Pretty cool.

The exhibition was kind of built into/around it, which I didn't really like. I think it took things out of context, I couldn't get a feel of what it would have really been like back then.

Royal Crescent.

A nice walk along the weir/river.

Pulteney Bridge.

And then it was the bus back to London!

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