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February 15, 2016

By the river

On Thursday I was let off ward rounds early by my consultant, who told me to go and enjoy the sunny afternoon. After getting lunch at Borough Market, my plan had been to go to the Design Museum; but I figured I could do that any old rainy day and decided to make the most of the amazing weather by just walking along the Thames. I ended up walking for a few hours, just soaking up the sun and scenery, and having rest stops on benches here and there. Photo dump ahead!

Started off at Southwark Cathedral.

One of the things I love about the London cityscape is that there are so many modern buildings unapologetically crammed in amongst the older ones.

Tower Bridge is my favourite landmark after Big Ben - obviously I'm just a tacky tourist.

I think the Thames path continued on the south bank past here, but I couldn't find it and it was getting very quiet so I turned back.

Shad Thames, where I got a sneaky Starbucks.

Walking across Tower Bridge.

Went up some stairs where there was a terrace with a really good view, and no one else around.

The path takes you through some interesting nooks and crannies.

Millenium Bridge.

This is when my phone ran out of battery - so I have no proof that I ended up walking all the way to Westminster!

That was probably one of my favourite afternoons ever, it was just so relaxing. I only wish I'd had my actual camera on me, which I hadn't brought out because I'd come straight from hospital. Oh well, can't plan everything. It's been nice to experience London at a slower pace this time, since I'm not feeling pressured to see all the sights that I managed to see on my previous visits here.

I am also so behind on the London posts - there are quite a few people I know in London at the moment, so while I'm doing blog-worthy things, I haven't had the time to actually blog.

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