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February 24, 2016

London misc

Some photos from the past few weeks that haven't made their own posts.

Rainy afternoon at Camden Markets on my first full day in London.

Went to Oxford to see a friend on my first weekend, which didn't go well. Two hours in I was feeling super nauseous and sick, so I caught the bus back to London early.

Saatchi Gallery - it was okay. Most of the stuff that was in there isn't really to my taste.

My first West End show - Phantom of the Opera! I quite enjoyed it, I haven't seen any other versions of it before though.

Visited the Wellcome Collection. I was interested because it's apparently a museum about the "connection between medicine, life and art", but I'm probably desensitised to medical stuff now so I didn't find it that amazing.

The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons was much better. I'm interested in surgery so I nerded out a bit. They also have a collection of things in jars, kind of like the natural history museum in Berlin.

Another show - Les Miserables! Not the best seats, but the cheapest (we bought the tickets on the day). The production wasn't as slick as Phantom of the Opera, but I loved it, I love the songs in Les Mis.

I am back from my weekend in Stockholm (that post is going in the back of the queue of all the travel posts I need to write up though) for my last week in London. Time has seriously flown!

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