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March 24, 2016

3 months in a backpack: haul

As per tradition, a "haul" post on what I bought over my trip! These get smaller every year, and this time especially because I had so little space to spare.

Stripe t-shirt from H&M in Copenhagen. I'd spent about a year looking for a black and white striped top and this was the one that matched most of my specs (stripe width, cut, price) so I just bought it (it was getting to the point where I was just wasting time looking for the "perfect" shirt). Of course, about a week later I came across an even more perfect one while casually browsing, but let's not think about that.

Black trousers from Mango in Madrid. The prices for Spanish brands in Spain (like Zara, Mango) are so ridiculously low compared to that in Australia. I had also been looking for slim black pants for a while, but most of the pairs I'd come across were too high waisted and too long (alterations are expensive in Australia!). These are ankle length but I like them a little cuffed. The one compromise I made was that these have a higher polyester content than I usually like, but travelling has actually made me more lenient about that (so much quicker to dry!).

Black dress from Muji in London. Not planned, totally sucked in by a discount. I think when it comes to impulse buys dresses are the worst culprit because they're harder to plan for (so many possible variations!). My other two smock/shift dresses get a lot of wear though, and I like to think this fills the gap between my sleeveless summer smock dress and my long-sleeved winter shift dress.

And finally, the few souvenirs I picked up. I don't buy many souvenirs anymore, because I have nowhere to put them and I consider the photos I take as souvenirs. The lioness figurine was from the souvenirs market in Arusha. The two leftmost bracelets are also from Tanzania, which I bought during our village stay from a group of Maasai ladies who make jewellery by hand. In Egypt, I picked up a handful of stone scarab beetles (for luck) to hand out to friends, and an Eye of Horus bangle because I love this symbol, and I can imagine that I actually found it in a tomb.

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