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March 20, 2016


When my mum went to China towards the end of last year, I got her to take a couple of my button-downs for alterations (which are much cheaper there). A bit risky since I wasn't going myself, but I only wanted them shortened. The problem with clothes for me is that I'm wide across the shoulders but still pretty short, so a lot of shirts end up being too long to wear out and to tuck in. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and will probably wear them a lot more now.

Also progressively feeling more embarrassed about the state of my bedroom decor. If you're wondering why it looks like it's been decorated for a 9-year-old girl - that's because it was, I've just never been bothered enough to change it (also if I try to buy new bed linen while we currently have perfectly usable linen in the house my mother will kill me, it's not worth it).

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