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March 10, 2016

Monuments of Ancient Egypt

We spent most of the Egypt tour last December on a cruise on the Nile, hopping on and off to see the Ancient Egyptian monuments located along the river.

Colossi of Memnon

Two giant statues in Luxor (the modern site of Thebes) we saw with bleary eyes after an overnight bus from Cairo.

Valley of the Kings

Cheat photo, the Valley is actually behind this ridge, but there were strictly no photos allowed there. It was amazing - it's what it sounds like, a valley with tombs of pharoahs. We managed to visit three of them, and the details and colours (preserved for thousands of years) is insane. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to have been the people who discovered them.

Temple of Hatshepsut

Probably the most unusual looking temple we visited - it looked like a modern building from far away.


As you can probably tell, one of my favourites for the scale of the place. It's indescribably immense to the point where you just can't wrap your head around how they built it at that time.

Temple of Edfu

I liked the details of this one.

Kom Ombo temple

It was cool to see a temple at night, so I could try and imagine what it would have been like by firelight.

Abu Simbel

These are two massive temples made by Ramesses II, one for himself and one dedicated to his wide Nefertari. They were actually moved from the original location, to prevent them from being flooded after the Nile was dammed. It's a few hours' drive through the desert from Aswan, close to the Sudan border, and the buses had to have a police convoy escort. We were allowed inside, however no photos were permitted.

Philae Temple

The only Ancient Egyptian temple on an island dedicated to the goddess Isis and built in the Greco-Roman period. This one had also been moved from its original island. I really liked this one, the surrounding water made it super beautiful.

Luxor Temple

Small, but beautiful at sunset. The obelisk at the front has a twin - the one in Paris!

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