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March 28, 2016

Taco Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I went back to Barrio Cellar (which I talked about here) with a different set of friends, for $3 tacos. Because the tacos were cheaper I justified getting a margarita, which was pretty good.

Total taco carnage. We all ended up getting four each - I got two fish ones (because they were so good last time), one pulled pork (great) and the special which was... fried feta. I was wary but it turned out to be glorious.

We did not stop there, and ambled down to World Square where we split a Hot Star (my favourite thing in the world). It's better when you split it with people because you get just enough to tantalise.

And finished up at Oliver Brown for some desserty drinks and gossip.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! In another news, Disqus is being super screwy because apparently Blogger did something to its domains, so lots of comments might not be showing up to everyone (including me). Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.

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