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March 13, 2016

The only cure

I have been back for about a week now, and I'm over the jet lag, but not the post trip blues. So I'm trying to reintegrate into Sydney life the only way I know how. Eating.

Found Barrio Cellar, a basement bar near Martin Place, while looking for new taco places. I feel like most of the time tacos never really live up to expectations - but the fish taco I got was good. My friend liked her carne asada one, which I got a hint of in the loaded fries we shared. Would totally go back for Taco Tuesdays, except the cocktails are expensive (I saw $13 for a glass of sangria and almost had a heart attack).

Spending too much money on wine and cheese on Friday night.

Went to Spectrum Now (which I think is over) on a Sunday afternoon. We went to the N2 x Blackstar stand, where they told us that their sponsor had pre-paid credit for people to get free items... so between the two of us we got one of each on the menu. I still don't get the Blackstar watermelon cake. I don't want watermelon in my cake.

A breakfast catch-up before lectures first day back at uni. The one thing I'm appreciating about Sydney right now is that I can get an acceptable flat white in most cafes.

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