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April 1, 2016

Click these & back to reality

Some sneaky Messina after a catch up in Surry Hills today.

So the last four weeks have gone slow-quick - they dragged on somewhat, but at the same time I can't believe it's April now. I've more or less slipped back into regular life, and I'm currently halfway through my psychiatry term. I don't think I'm cut out for psychiatry, but the team was lovely and I always appreciate it when people take out the time to teach. I'd never had much clinical exposure to mental health before, and it's been pretty eye opening. I've got a week off now, and as usual I'll probably be trying to cram in everything that I've been meaning to do but haven't. Not even actual uni work. Like, there are a couple of dresses I need to handwash.

Click these
  • Book unhaul. My approach to books has been the total opposite to the one I take with clothes; I'll buy anything and hoard the ones I don't even like. Somehow I've justified it in that books are an intellectual investment but I literally can't fit any more onto my shelves right now.
  • Really regretting that I hadn't known about God's Own Junkyard when I was still in London - it's a collection of neon signs and it looks so sick!
  • I never made it to the seaside in the UK either, loving these Margate streetscape shots.
  • 30 ethical fashion brands. I've been thinking more about ethical fashion beyond minimising what I buy and taking care of my clothes properly. Unfortunately I wouldn't have the time to research the ethics of every single brand, so lists like these are quite helpful. Here's another good list, let me know if you've seen any others around!
Last month on Deluminators, because I think I made a record number of posts.
  • 3 months in a backpack review - how my packing ended up going for me (packing post here).
  • Egyptian Museum - I liked hearing everyone's opinions re: artefacts taken by other countries (unfortunately some of the comments have disappeared for me in last weeks weird Disqus/Blogger business).
  • Life lessons in travel was probably my wordiest post ever, so... please read it if you haven't?

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