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April 18, 2016

Click these & forgetfulness

Going for run at dusk along the beach, which I've been driving past on the way home from placement every day. Except this was a really painful run, as I'd forgotten earphones and gosh time goes so slowly when you can't listen to music. Because I'm a genius with a clear and organised mind, I'd forgotten a hair elastic too and couldn't find a rubber band or any kind of material to be used as a hair tie anywhere, so I deconstructed a latex glove as an alternative (and ended up having to cut it out of my hair).

In other news, I turned 23 last Thursday. Two years away from being a leftover woman, as I've been taking great delight in mentioning. For the record, I'm Chinese and my parents were originally from China but they've never mentioned anything about urgently wanting me to get married (although my dad has been telling me to at least talk to some boys).

Click these
  • Fantastic Beasts trailer - look I thought I was over it but when the Harry Potter theme song came on I almost cried with excitedment. Too bad, as a lot of people have been pointing out, there seems to be an odd lack of POC for a movie set in New York.
  • I feel like this year I've been bombarded with pictures of sakura in Japan... kind of wanting to go now. Pencilled in for the next time in my life I get a holiday in April.
  • I had the day off today so this morning I finally got around to making Rachel's eggy bread, i.e. savoury french toast. The tomatoes are so good with it, don't skip that part.
  • Two more breakfasts from Michelle for my next lazy morning.
Lately on Deluminators
  • In case you missed any of them, my posts about Spain when I was there last January: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Ronda, Seville.
  • My travel index page is now up to date. I feel like the photos are still a bit overwhelmingly large, so I'm probably still going to tweak it a bit.

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