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April 27, 2016

Everything that's bad for me

What I've eaten in the past few weeks: a photodump.

Well deserved taco and movie night after a study day.

Pan fried pork buns, one of my favourite foods in the world, at Taste of Shanghai.

Churros at Oliver Brown.

Milkshake at Tella Balls. Pretty average, really just made to be social media dessert fodder I guess.

Half off all food at Spanish Churros in Glebe, we went nuts.

Attempting to split two dessert sliders from One Two Lounge between four people.

A new Taiwanese fried chicken place in the city - I think I still prefer Hot Star.

Drinks at the Choc Pot, which is new in Regent Place (next to Aqua S), which were average.

Another post-study day dinner; takeout from Mario's in Crows Nest this time. The pesto pasta is so good!

Birthday food and drinks at Soda Factory. I know they do Dollar Dog Tuesdays, but on other days the full price hotdogs are actually a lot better.

Greek food at The Hellenic; I made the wrong choice and had major, major food envy.

Back at the Choc Pot, this time for the souffle. It was good, very fluffy, but my #1 souffle is still at Max Brenner.

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